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Transporter Vehicles (+loadable cargo)

Guest Marc-On-Tour

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Guest Marc-On-Tour

Suggestion name: new Transporter Vehicles
Suggestion Description: Adding one or two new Transporter vehicles to the Multiplayer with loadable cargo:
My Suggestion: 1. Mercedes Sprinter (2006 / 2019 or whatever.)
                           2. Volkswagen Crafter (2017/ or whatever.)
A new unique engine sound would be also cool.

Addon: Loadable Cargo
Loadable cargo would be a nice feature.This already exists as a mod in Singleplayer, so it could be converted to the multiplayer.

Furhter Addon: Small trailers 
Also a nice addon ? An car transporter trailer would also be a possible addon, but I think it wouldnt be necessary.

Why should it be added:
Personally, I think that this makes the multiplayer more varied. Now you have not only options between the normal car & Truck. You also have a Transporter, but still you can load cargo and complete jobs. I am not experienced in the programming thing. Maybe this takes much time to program. Its just a suggestion. I think its cool. Have a nice day / weekend.




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