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CB abuse.


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Hello everyone

Today we are going to discuss a very common problem in areas like many players. 

Use and abuse of CB. 

Well it starts to be boring to be playing my game relaxed after a day of work,.

And having certain players play music on the CB at high volume.

What can we do? 

Change the PX , but then we lose interaction with other players. 

 A question I ask the moderation team, is it possible to report these same players? Why PX use and abuse? 

Good miles to everyone. 

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From the player's perspective, I don't think there is much we can do besides recording and reporting them on the website as Game Moderators cannot review the audio communication in-game. I feel you and it's frustrating the fact that everyone is screaming, swearing or playing music at high volume on the CB Radio and I also agree with you that switching to another channel loses the realistic interaction between the players. I don't think it will work or if it's even possible but a nice feature will be if the players who are abusing CB Radio constantly (based on the number of the reports) get locked on a specific channel to scream and whine at each other and the rest of the players will have the other channels.

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In general, we kicks annoying users within the game. Unfortunately we are not connected all day on the servers, so there is a possibility that some users will continue to abuse the CB. In these cases the best solution you have is to switch to a different channel temporarily ("/channel 0-19"). We only ban users who abuse the radio continuously and repeatedly, otherwise a kick is enough. Remember that all users have the same right to use the radio. 


Have a nice day!

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1 hour ago, Mystere said:



Em geral, chutamos usuários irritantes dentro do jogo. Infelizmente não estamos conectados o dia todo nos servidores, então existe a possibilidade de alguns usuários continuarem abusando do CB. Nestes casos, a melhor solução é mudar temporariamente para um canal diferente ("/canal 0-19"). Nós apenas banimos usuários que abusam do rádio de forma contínua e repetida, caso contrário, um chute é suficiente. Lembre-se que todos os usuários têm o mesmo direito de usar o rádio. 


Tenha um bom dia!

Thanks in advance for the comment. 

Yes all players know that moderators cannot be on 24 /24

Now I give an example:

TMP event, in the tab we caught more than 150 players and there's a player playing music on CB, when we could all be having a normal conversation between players. But there's that player with the loud music. 

Change PX! Yes it is true but normally the most used channel is 19 and it is the channel where all players talk. 

For me, the spirit of TMP is coexistence and community among all TMP players. 

Maybe a PX abuse rule instead of an automatic abuse kick wasn't such a bad idea. 

It's my opinion 


2 hours ago, Granite said:

Eu silenciei meu rádio CB há muito tempo.

Chega de "música" porcaria ou sons de animais selvagens acasalando, mas o mais importante, chega de insultos, o que só me roubaria o tempo de preencher um relatório.

The problem is if you make a report it will not be accepted. 

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15 minutes ago, "RICKY" said:

The problem is if you make a report it will not be accepted. 

Not necessarily

Playing music over CB or misusing it in any other way is violation of §1.3 (Spamming or Abuse). Keep in mind that evidence longer than 2 minutes is required to have time stamps, so provide one for each individual repeated violation or it will be declined. Speaking of that, you must catch them doing it repeatedly, recording only single relatively short violation is not enough to deserve a ban. If the evidence shows continuous abuse for longer than 2 minutes, explain that in your report or put a text in your video, I'm sure all moderators can read a short explanation.

If you find someone annoying or obnoxious in other way, like they are drunk singing, belching or just making weird ape sounds, you cand do what @Mystere suggested, or you can mute them if you can find them in the neraby players list.


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Since your topic has been inactive for over fourteen (14) days, I will lock and move it to our Archive section. 
We apply these procedures, in order to keep the forum organized and structured. 


If you have any questions, feel free to DM me. 


//Locked & Moved to Archive


Kind Regards


TruckersMP Forum Moderator

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