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Speed limiter.


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I will come with this suggestion: Reduse the speed limiter from 110 km/h to 90/95 km/h to make it a bit more realistic and to make sure that no one can drive faster and all that. Now with the speed limiter at 110 km/h and it make kids drive faster and all that. A truck IRL here in norway cant go faster then 90 km/h sometimes 95 km/h but not faster. Dont need to do it on every server but maybe one or two so the players that want to drive realistic can do it without getting rammed or someone to drive reckless and all that I hope you guys understand what I mean. Someone wants to drive more realistic but they cant when someone is coming in 110 and just wreck the fun of the game. It is called a truck simulator so why not make it more realistic and not just wreck the fun of driving realistic. No truck in the WORLD can drive in 110 without getting the lisens draged in by the police..


I am coming with this suggestion after watching alot of reckless driving and ramming. It takes alot for someone that want to drive realistic to stay on truckersmp. I hope you all understand what I mean and will take this suggestion a bit longer ? 

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Thanks for your suggestion.


We are actively monitoring the effect of the speed limits and will discuss it where necessary. 

At the moment, it's okay as we're moving towards a Simulation game, however, you do have to remember it's still a game. ? 


For now, I will reject this suggestion. However, this doesn't mean it won't happen in the future.

Have a great day!


Kind regards,


Community Manager

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