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[ANSWERED] [CM] Promoting TruckersMP in 2022



After many TMP staff posts, it looks like 2022 will be full of news and features. A natural question arises related to promoting, showing and presenting modifications.


1. Are there any plans to also go beyond the area of TruckersMP and your partners to promote multiplayer and gain mutual benefits? I mean many industry portals and websites related to games, trucks, mods and such topics in general. In any various forms of information, marketing campaigns, promotion, and interviews. Was there at least a 'brainstorming' to that extent?


2. Did TruckersMP staff try to initiate common live-stream with SCS in any form?
Of course, I'm aware of possible compromises and difficult discussions about the form of such transmission. Maybe not even at the developer level, but for example Community Management, a story about the community, daily duties and various projects that are created for each community.

In short, is TruckersMP + SCS Software staff common live-stream a mission impossible or not necessarily?


3. Will there be common campaigns, competitions, marketing things together with Official Partners, more than what was in the past?


4. Is it possible to organize Gleam Giveaway and by the way to encourage players to visit and follow TruckersMP and your Partner(s) social media?

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Thanks for your very in-depth questions. I will do my best to answer them.


1 - We have done interviews previously and so there's definitely nothing to day we wont do this. However, currently, we have no plans to go out and search for these opportunities. Though its not a definite no and could be considered in the future. 


2 - I suppose, never say never, we have had contact with SCS in the psst and continue to have such contact. We know of eachothers existence. However, I wouldn't necessarily say that this is something to look out for and there isn't any plans to do this at the moment. Maybe this will change, that is something for the very far future though if it were to happen in my opinion. 


3 - There are certainly plans to do more things with partners and hopefully we can get those done. There is obviously issues with coordination, we all have huge operarions and so getting everyone board can be difficult sometimes. Hopefully, we will get some fun and exciting things done though!


4 - I don't necessarily see Gleam as a specific platform to use. Especially on a large scale, but we may consider doing giveaways for sure, as I have said before, there are no guarantees on this as it depends heavily on available finances.  


I hope this answers all of your questions. 



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