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[ANSWERED] Questions to ShawnCZek.



1. Are the roadworks lights synchronized on Simulation server? 
If yes, why after disconnecting from the server these lights still work while the traffic lights at intersections go off?



DBus World

2. When was the idea of cooperation with DBus World born: autumn 2020 earlier or later? 

3. Was the size of the file size decisive when choosing your first bus or were there other technical considerations?



4. Game Moderators can set their local time in the game console (`) with the command for example: g_set_time 12, while other players get a message that this command cannot be used in multiplayer mode.

Is it possible to set the permissions to selected commands depending not so much on the rank as on the particular server? For example, all players can change the time on the Arcade server.


5. Sometimes, after some update, players after changing with the g_traffic command, for example to 1, turned on traffic and it was visible but not synchronized on TruckersMP servers. It was a probably bug, but it raised questions. In addition, it showed that it is somehow possible, but on the Simulation servers it was very disadvantageous because the AI is out of sync.


Is it technically possible that players could turn on the AI traffic even out of sync on the Arcade server? Does this type of feature need to be disabled throughout TruckersMP regardless of the server?



Yours sincerely


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Hello @MarkON,


Thank you for your questions. I will try to answer them as detailed as possible.


1. This would be better suited as a bug report. I have been aware of this for years but as this is pointed out hardly from time to time, I easily forget about it. Which is not an excuse, it definitely needs to be fixed. It is just something that easily slipped my mind.

2. If I remember correctly, the initial idea was born at the end of 2019 after seeing a prototype of DBus World, and the initial discussions took place in early 2020. Proper research and work started in Q3 of 2021.

3. To be honest, the bus we started with was liked by @Smoky and we somehow just sticked with it. Because that bus is pretty much ready, as it can be seen in the teaser, it would not make sense to go for a different one.

4. This is an unintended behavior that will soon be changed. I personally am a big fan of synchronized environment which includes both time and weather. The latter is yet to be done, the former should not change.

5. Again, this is something that should never happen. Synchronizing the game traffic is just not about vehicles but about the whole game world. For example, what should happen if a car triggers the tollgates? For other players, the gate would open without any reason. There are definitely things that would need to be changed including some system to disable certain behavior per a server, as you say. Moreover, allowing unsynchronized game traffic would lead to strange visual situations. Either way, if you are a big fan of AI, I would recommend you to follow our social media pages. Maybe there are some hints. ?


I hope this answers your questions.

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