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[ANSWERED] Questions to mwl4. (2022)



1. In the last 3-4 years, has there been any very, very difficult moment related to support a given update, feature, to such an extent that you had to ask for advice SCS Software?


2. Usually, while waiting for support for a new update, players can see you on ETS 2 servers, less often and rather closer to the release of support for a given version on the ATS server.

If it is just your choice, work plan or are there any technical factors affect it?


3. A few months ago on Simulation 2 I could see how you are working on some system related to placing objects on the server. For example, crates in Poznan and vehicle at the gas station near Rotterdam. It was interesting that you can put some object or sometimes many of the same objects (for example a few crates) on an online server and it is all in sync.
But at the time it seemed to me that it didn't work perfectly as it was difficult to move many objects at once.


-Can you mention if you found a way to move multiple items?

-What are your expectations with this system? Is it heading towards big feature, or rather are you improvement something that already exists? For example: the system for individual activities of selected staff, things appearing at official events: cones, road signs etc.?


4. In September 2020, it was mentioned:


There are 3 stages to the porting process:

  1. Functions porting (takes the longest. Weeks, months even)
  2. classes porting, 
  3. hooks porting (take only a few days)

There are a few more days of bug fixing and testing required. 


-Is this plan more or less up to date?

-If yes, are you able in the future during work on the update, write personally or through Management short information on what stage of work you are at? 



5.* After so many years of working on TruckersMP, especially supporting individual updates, do you feel any stress, pressure related to it? Being aware that a lot of players use TMP and they can waiting for your action. If so, which is helpful, good music, different games, running, other?


*I'm aware: Keep in mind that you can ask us anything, but, we can choose not to answer some personal questions


Yours sincerely


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