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[ANSWERED] [Smoky / Prime] Legal issues. Brand licensing



TruckersMP uses the ProMods mod on a few servers. As is known on ProMods, there are many companies and brands operating IRL. So, we can see individual brands on TMP servers.
1. Does TruckersMP incur some license fees related to the use of logos IRL brands in ProMods servers?


DBus World
Soon TruckersMP will be supporting DBus World modification. Here a similar question arises.
2. Will TruckersMP simply support individual DBus World buses free of charge? Did you have to get approval from the Bolloré Group to use the BlueBus?

3. In order to use Iveco Evadys on TruckersMP in the future, would it have to incur any costs related to the license or at least get approval?

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We just support the modifications created by our partners. Their licenses cover usage of this in American Truck Simulator and/or Euro Truck Simulator 2, and TruckersMP uses these 2 games as well. So this is something they need to sort.


Also, buses created by DBus World will not be included as a benefit for Patrons which means that their buses will be available for everyone.

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