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[ANSWERED] [GMM] Banned players API / Duisburg - Calais road




Banned players API


Will there ever exist a statistic to see how many players are being banned daily / monthly / yearly, etc. ? I always wanted to find out how many players are actually being banned every day.  At the moment there is a web API but that doesn't contain any info regarding the number of players banned. Also, since we are talking about banned players, is there any plan to change `Load on the web report system` from the report page with actual numbers?



Duisburg - Calais road

At the moment a big problem on the TruckersMP community is the Duisburg - Calais (DC) road. Because of that road the other parts of the map are empty. So if there are like for example 2000 players online, around 1000 are close to that road. Are there any plans to like close the road? Even though I drive on that road, I would really like to see it closed, since it's the road that attracts all the trollers, etc. How would the situation from there be improved in the future?


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Currently, we do indeed not share such statistics with the public but is is theoretically possible that we will in the future. We have, however, very recently worked on a blog post with more information about what the Game Moderation Team has been working on last year, including interesting statistics. This blog is intended to be published soon, so stay tuned for that. In regard to your question about the load on the web report system, we currently only display an indication of how high the load is. We currently do not have plans to show the exact number of pending reports.


It is indeed true to the area surrounding the road between Calais and Duisburg is very popular and that it attracts a lot of players, although I would like to emphasise that not everyone that drives on that road is a troll or has the intention to ruin the experience of other players. Some users simply enjoy driving in areas with real players, which is more likely to happen in popular areas than in remote locations. We have no plans to close the road as that will not resolve the issues that we sometimes experience. If we were to close the road, it is very likely that players just shift to a different location. For instance, back in the days, before the road between Calais and Duisburg became popular, many people were driving on the road between Rotterdam and Europoort in the Netherlands; you can still find videos on YouTube to see how that looked like. There are, however, plans to host special events in the future that will (hopefully) make other locations on the map more popular. 


I hope to having informed you sufficiently. Have a nice day!

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