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Combo skin for Mercedes Benz old Actros


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Suggestion Name: Combo skin

Suggestion Description: Skin for Mercedes Benz Old Actros and refrigerator trailer on the topic FNAF Security Breach

Any example images: One photo is below, the others are here 


Why should it be added?: I want to stand out among the players on the server


P.s. In the future I will offer 3-4 more skins, or more... on the topic of FNAF


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As suggested in our frequently suggested suggestions topic:


Generally, we don't add 3rd party mods except for aesthetic ones, this is because map mods bring a whole lot of different issues that we necessarily can't handle. Mods that affect the truck are also generally not accepted since they can have unexpected consequences similar to what we see with save file editing (parts in locations where SCS didn't intend causing crashes, etc.).


Due to the above reason, I will reject this suggestion.


Kind regards,


Community Manager

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