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What do you miss the most in Truckersmp?


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in a way the collision zone in Duisburg, yes it was annoying but it did provide entertainment and a bit of fun lol


but also the new service station that TMP added to try and help with going in and out of the f7

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I miss the times when most of people  enjoyed the game and found it fun. Now at every step you can meet people who records you for almost everything, and you can be banned very quickly. Obviously I am not making excuses for trolls or hackers,  but they also added some kind of flavor to this game.

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On 1/16/2022 at 10:13 PM, Junk said:

I definitely miss the big traffic jams caused by the old roads and old calais, the long lines in europort. Also the roads in the area used to be much more "packed" with players due to the traffic jams caused in certain spots, made them feel much more alive and required more attention to drive.

I make these my words. I really miss the old traffic jams, just like Junk said, it made the roads feel more alive. Definitely miss Europort times as well.

Former TruckersMP
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Two things I miss,


1. The lack of an easy-park system. While it's an excellent quality of life improvement, I still miss watching clueless or impatient drivers (mainly impatient) spend 40+ minutes attempting to back a trailer into a docking bay.


2. People playing ATS. Since the population bombed years ago, ATS has had significant improvements. There's all the quality-of-life changes since then that ETS has like easy parking or park skipping options as well as player-owned trailers, and there's more trucks available from freightliner, mack, international, volvo, and western star.

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The thing i miss and thought was a good addition 


Is the little profile picture next to your name ( I thought it was pretty cool )


And the bus ?I thought it was fun to drive and nice to see others driving buses aswell 











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Tbh I miss a lot of things. I miss mainly Rotterdam and Eurooport being a very busy area. I miss a lot of the old staff and now. Theres a lot more people who are part of the community who doesn't take the game seriously and tend to mess about where there are still a lot of us who want to take the game seriously 

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Nothing will beat the good ol days IMO. Unfortuntately you can't bring it back. For the old days to return youd need to bring back Euro Truck Radio when Clare and Rick were originally owners. Youd have to bring back Vodka when he was project manager as well Clarkinator. Tbf, I will say this I give credit to ConSecGroup for sticking around so long as they have. Tbh quite honest there are other vtcs out there but ConSec is one of the vtc's which have stuck around for a very long time. The days when ETR had their own vtc as well Stobart Trucking was about. And then using Euro Truck Convoys to plan events and I remember when I joined an ETR convoy and everyone was shocked as it was one of the biggest convoys going. 200 people ended up showing up. And lets not forget the very start of Truckers.FM when it all started with Mark and London then as time went by more DJ's ended up applying and more listeners grew. Put it this way, I didn't think id see them interviewing celebrities like 220 kid and Karen Harding. Throughout my 5-6 years of being part of the community a lot of memories was made and they will forever be cherished. And there is a lot of people id like to take the time to thank for it however majority of them have left the community and doing their own thing. 

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