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About us

We are a small company born in 2014 and worked on the multiplayer server
Maquitrans is a small company created by two proffissionais drivers and is distinguished by the high experience of their drivers.

The rigor in driving is a key factor to belong to the same.
To join our company at least level 16 in the savegame is necessary and should be able to speak Portuguese and collaborate with all colleagues in the company.

To this will be a written test with questions to assess the level of knowledge and then a practical test to test driving

How to join us?

Here you can do your registration for MaquiTrans-Logistics and Distribution Ltd, a united and accurate with all its drivers meeting the standards to cultivate the good name of Maquitrans company.

This company basically work in multiplayer Euro Truck Simulator 2, if you're the chosen soon you will be contacted for the practical test.

After successfully written test (this) and practical test (driving) will be provided the data for the painting company.

Preferentially recruited Portuguese driversbut also recruit another drivers from rest of europe

APPLY FORM: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1JP_6FT8...0/viewform

Company Details

Company Details


Maquitrans Official Facebook
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Maquitrans Official In-Games Tag

Maquitrans Official Teamspeak

Maquitrans Official Steam Group
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Maquitrans Official Colors
White, Red, Green

Maquitrans Management Drivers Plataform
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Driver List


Gregory (PT) [MT]
Simply [MT]

IcarusPT [MT]
Mister PoT# Camper™[MT]


Maquitrans Fleet










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