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How to survive the Norðurfjörður death road


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I discovered how you can drive regular trucks with a winter physics mod. The keywords are a weak engine (up to 500 hp), manual gearbox and a 6x4 chassis. The powerful engine pulls the wheels too sharply and the tires don't grip. Trailer - small van, 1 axle. This trailer can be used to pick up loads and will not get stuck. Speed 15-30 km / h. If you drive below 15 km / h, the truck will not be able to drive up. If you drive faster than 30 km / h, there is a high risk of driving off the road. Try in singleplayer or arcade server first. A differential lock is required, but this reduces steerability. Damage cannot be completely avoided. But this is interesting.


Iveco, 310 hp, 16-gears gearbox.



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