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There's a new popular road on Promods in northern Iceland!


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Unfortunately, with the new Operation HQ event, it pulled a significant amount of players away from the Promods server and as of last weekend (19/2 and 20/2) and the server isn't getting that much more than 1000 players anymore, peaked at 1065 on Saturday, 1105 on Friday (18/2) surprisingly but still not great considering there was often 1300-1400 players on during weekend before. That lower player count combined with people probably getting bored of it by now has almost killed the road completely. It's unfortunate because it was such a unique populated road, although not as long of a road as the Kirkenes quarry, it has a much tighter road, sharp corners/bends, and snow of course. It did stay alive for over a month though and it was nice while it lasted!


^^^^^ See my latest 2 comments about this as well! ^^^^^




Iceland is finally back after only having a good amount of players there in 2019 (when promods support first came out for TMP)! If you want to check out the road, it's in northern Iceland and was just added in 2.60: https://prnt.sc/260hmeb It's not insanely populated because of the low player count and it's not a weekend but there is definitely enough players there to make it interesting and have a challenge. It's definitely more challenging than the Kirkenes quarry since the roads are smaller and a lot more corners to go around. Most people know how to drive properly there, such as not crowding/blocking the tight corners and stopping a good distance back to leave enough space. The nearby town of Holmavik is of course going to have some players as well.


Ideally, if more people jump on it, it won't die off quickly like others have just a few weeks after they became popular. For example, that was the fate of that nice dirt logging road on ATSMP in Washington DLC near Bellingham back in mid 2019. It's unfortunate it couldn't stay alive because it was very fun to drive on with players and that could have potentially been something that would have revived ATSMP. This is not anywhere near Kirkenes level populated but it's still populated enough for it to be fun to drive on just like the Kirkenes quarry. It doesn't need as many players for it to be fun to drive on since the road is shorter.


I've actually been advertising that road in the Kirkenes quarry myself since there's still about 200+ players in the Kirkenes quarry and many of them might not know there's another popular road. Could be helpful if others do that as well. If you want to do it often, something I did was setup some saves (about 5-6 is all you need) throughout the entire quarry, you can get away with spacing them quite a bit and you'll get to at least 80% of all the players on the road. I've also been translating it to German since there always seems to be a good amount of German players on there so I can reach quite a bit more players that way.


There was this video that Toast, a popular ETS2 youtuber made showing off the road in multiplayer and it has gotten 135k+ views as of 22 Jan, but it hasn't brought massive amounts of players to the road (at least it hasn't gotten anywhere close to Kirkenes level populated): 



Update to above section: It's actually hard for me to do the advertising because my game takes forever to load saves when in populated areas due to me having a low end PC (especially since I only have a HDD), unless I want to constantly go back to profile screen and log back into TMP constantly for the 6 saves I have along the road. Or I could take a ton of time to actually drive through it which I don't feel like it. At the very least I will still look to advertise at the quarry area, that narrow bridge (the one closer to quarry), and in Kirkenes itself (since it doesn't take forever to teleport to garage thankfully) since there's usually the most players in those specific areas. Like I said it could really help if others do it as well because the road is going to be less likely to die off if there's constantly new players driving on it. This is the kind of message I usually use: THERE'S A NEW POPULAR ROAD IN NORTHERN ICELAND (the place just north of Holmavik), GOOD AMOUNT OF PLAYERS, CHECK IT OUT! (might need 2 messages to post it in chat)


2nd Update to that ^^^^: I found out teleporting to a garage instead of loading a save actually loads pretty quick, and then afterwards I can load a save without it taking 10+ minutes since I'm not around a ton of players so I can advertise a lot more now. I also redid my saves so there aren't as many, I found out 5 saves is all you need to reach every part of the road and I had 7-8 before. That should make it quite a bit easier for me to advertise.


There's a guide that someone made recently on how to drive on that road, pretty good guide, check it out if you're going to go there. 


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11 hours ago, dragonslayingmaster1000 said:

İzlanda, 2019'da sadece iyi sayıda oyuncuya sahip olduktan sonra nihayet geri döndü! Yola bir göz atmak isterseniz, kuzey İzlanda'da ve 2.60'ta yeni eklendi:  https://prnt.sc/260hmeb  Düşük oyuncu sayısı nedeniyle delicesine kalabalık değil ve bir hafta sonu değil (o zaman bile oyuncu sayısı geçen hafta sonu sadece 1300-1400 civarında hala düşüktü) ama orada bunu ilginç kılmak ve meydan okumak için kesinlikle yeterli oyuncu var. Yollar daha küçük ve daha fazla viraj olduğu için Kirkenes taş ocağından kesinlikle daha zor. Çoğu insan, dar köşeleri sıkıştırmamak/engellememek ve yeterli boşluk bırakmak için iyi bir mesafeyi durdurmak gibi orada düzgün bir şekilde nasıl sürüleceğini bilir. Yakındaki Holmavik kasabasında elbette bazı oyuncular da olacak.


İdeal olarak, daha fazla insan üzerine atlarsa, diğerlerinin popüler hale geldikten sadece birkaç hafta sonra olduğu gibi çabucak ölmeyecektir. Örneğin, 2019 ortalarında Bellingham yakınlarındaki Washington DLC'deki ATS'deki o güzel toprak tomruk yolunun kaderi buydu. Hayatta kalamaması ne yazık ki oyuncularla birlikte sürmek çok eğlenceliydi ve bu potansiyel olarak bir şey olabilirdi. bu ATSMP'yi canlandırabilirdi. 


Kirkenes taş ocağında hala yaklaşık 200'den fazla oyuncu olduğundan ve birçoğu başka bir popüler yol olduğunu bilmiyor olabileceğinden, Kirkenes taş ocağındaki o yolun reklamını bizzat ben yapıyordum. Başkaları da bunu yaparsa yardımcı olabilir. Bunu sık sık yapmak istiyorsanız, yaptığım bir şey tüm taş ocağı boyunca yaklaşık 6 tasarruf ayarlamaktı, aralarında biraz boşluk bırakmaktan kurtulabilirsiniz ve yoldaki tüm oyuncuların en az %80'ine ulaşırsınız.

 I am thinking like you.

but I think it would be great if there was a garage in the town of Holmavik.

" never give up "

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7 hours ago, AkiraKurosawa said:

i'm hopeless ,

this route lost its intensity 2 days ago.

I went in at various times today and saw a maximum of 3 people.

My opinion didn't get many likes.

So continue Kirkenese....

Last weekend had a good amount of players. Definitely have to get on there on a weekend for sure. If the server is over 1300 players the road is well populated, which it seems to get over that point for about 2, maybe even 3 hours on a weekend. Although on Sunday because of the ATSMP convoy there may have been a bit less players on promods. Traffic jams are pretty good to gather up a ton of players in the same spot and it does happen often so I always hope for a traffic jam.

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Guest User 3400925
1 minute ago, CrackPrewier said:

Is it really popular road like d-c road?

No. Nowhere near. But it is still more alive than most other parts of the map.

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Player count doesn't seem to be as good as it once was 1-2 weeks ago but that's why I'm continuing to advertise it. I did some advertising in the Kirkenes quarry (even translated to German since there seems to be quite a bit of German players in Kirkenes, might do Turkish too to reach even more people since there seems to be quite a bit of them too) and I think it might have attracted a bit of people on Friday. There were at least 20-25 players that day. I have a screenshot where I found a bunch of people entering the road at once yesterday, and it's a bunch of different VTCs so it's actually a bunch of random people rather than just a big group: https://imgur.com/a/haBoqTl There is some hope for the future of this road. Again it would be helpful if others could advertise as well, try the message that I put in my main post and if you speak another language that's even better!


Update a few hours later: There were actually a good amount of players on there today as the player count went up, a traffic jam around the start of the road might have helped gather up a bunch of players in one spot but that's still pretty good. I even saw 2 admins on there (one was actually driving on there)  https://prnt.sc/26e3m72 Keep in mind this screenshot is not during peak player count which peaked at about 1300 but this was the most amount of players on there I seen today.

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Saturday: After doing a round of advertising the road in the Kirkenes quarry (like last time I translated the message to German since there are a good amount of German players on there) I did 2 runs back and forth today and the player count there has definitely went down since last weekend but it's not completely dead yet and still worth driving on during the weekend. The first run on the way there I saw 6-8 people at most, but on the way back I saw at least 10-12 people which is still decent and kept me on the road for one more run.


I did another round of advertising in the quarry before my second run and once again there were about 10-12 people on the way up the road and on the way back I saw no one along the road until I reached the start of the road where I saw a big group of 8 people or so about to come onto the road.


I got off after that since I already did 2 runs and the player count was starting to go down quite a bit and I checked the ETS2 map about 20 mins later or so and I was surprised to see there were 15+ players that got on there not long after I got off: https://prnt.sc/26ho9ks The road still has its random spikes in players sometimes.


Sunday: Before I got on I looked at the map quick (at around 8 pm UK time) and there's currently 15 players on there despite there being under 1200 players on there today which is pretty good: https://prnt.sc/26i6pg6 It did peak at about 1400 a few hours ago around 4-5 pm UK time which is an odd time for TMP to hit peak count at but it might be because quite a bit of Chinese players and Iceland seems to be a popular area for them.


When I got on, I did some advertising in Kirkenes quarry for a bit like usual. I did only 1 run today because the player count was really starting to go down by a lot. During my run through it, it decreased from around 1100 to 850 in around 30-45 mins. Despite that, there were still a decent amount of players on there today. There were at least 6-8 people on the way there and on the way back I saw a decent sized VTC come up the road and there were 8 players near me and I think around 10-12 people on the road in total just like yesterday. https://imgur.com/a/cEAKbfB 


There may not be as many players as there was the first 3 weeks, but the road is not completely dead yet and there is still enough players there for it to be fun to drive in multiplayer. I will still make efforts to keep it decently populated as long as possible by advertising in the quarry and this thread will attract some people as well. I'm not sure how much longer this road will be alive for but keep an eye on it, it might still be decently populated for a bit longer. Kirkenes quarry will probably be the only permanently well populated road in Promods, at least for a long time.

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On Saturday, here's what the road looks like as of 18:15 UK time, about 14 players and that's pretty good for only having 1150 players on right now: https://prnt.sc/26lidzb I will plan on getting on within an hour possibly, the server should be up to 1200 players by then most likely then I will still get on around then to populate it more and check it out myself. Road isn't dead yet so definitely consider getting on there yourself!


I only did 1 run through the road today and there were still a decent amount of players on there, similar to last weekend there were about 10-12 people on the road at once which isn't too bad. On the way back I took 2 screenshots of 2 small bunches of people that came up the road. https://imgur.com/a/QuxDOPe


I wasn't able to get on Sunday because I was doing other stuff and by the time I was going to get on at around 20:00 (8 pm) UK time which is when I usually get on and expect the player count to peak, the server was quickly dying off already. Even on weekdays the player count peaks at around 19:00 to 20:00 just like Saturday but on Sunday it reaches peak count as early as 17:00 UK time. It's a bit hard for me to get on earlier since I live in the US and I'm 5 hours behind and I rarely play games in the morning or early afternoon. I did take a screenshot though and the road looked pretty good despite the rapidly decreasing player count, about 12 people there: https://prnt.sc/26m1yf6


Don't let the road die off, even though there are quite a bit less players than the first few weeks, it's still alive after a month! Hopefully we can keep it alive as long as possible.

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On 1/29/2022 at 1:48 PM, Henrey said:

I will visit it aswell, but i fear that it will end up as chaotic as the road in kirkenes and thats a bigger road then this one.


Well it's not anywhere near Kirkenes level populated and I don't think this is going to last much more time anyway, a few more weeks at most probably, it's just a nice alternative popular road. If there were ever 100+ players though I could see it being chaos with how the road is with the constant turns/bends and its shorter length compared to the Kirkenes quarry. 

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So I checked the road out Friday (4 Feb) and despite there being 1250 players on the promods server, (which seems to be around the peak player count at around 20:00 UK time, and surprisingly Friday has a higher player peak than Sunday does, last Sunday it only got up to 1200 players) the road has much less players on there now. https://prnt.sc/26ouk4b Don't give up yet though, make sure to get on and populate it on Saturday where the server typically peaks at 1400-1425 players and stays above 1300+ players for at least 2 hours (last weekend, you can see that on here https://stats.truckersmp.com/)! Maybe we can drive on it and have fun for at least one last weekend before it inevitably dies off, unfortunately most likely there will never be a secondary permanent popular road so continue to enjoy this one while it lasts. It's something different than the Kirkenes quarry which has been popular for 2+ years and many people never get bored of it, just like CD road.


Update: Forgot there was an official convoy on Saturday, so keep in mind that will definitely tank the player count, maybe look to get on Sunday then for the most players.


Status of road on Saturday: So it turns out the player count on the promods server is actually pretty good after the TMP convoy ended, which was around 19:30-20:00 UK time, depending on where you were in the convoy so the convoy ended at a good time and the player count is probably going to be good for maybe another hour on the Promods server, it's currently at 1375+ as of 20:10 UK time, and there's a chance it could go up to 1400. Player count on the road is still decent, it could vary since sometimes you'll have some decent sized groups come onto the road and sometimes it might be pretty dead with only 5 players or so. https://prnt.sc/26pb4c5, I'm still going to get on and do maybe 1 run back and forth through the road just to populate it a bit after doing some quick advertising in Kirkenes quarry in English and German, it only takes me about 10 mins to do it so it's no problem.


Update after driving on the road: I actually decided to do 2 runs through the road because there were more players on the road than I thought and also the server itself had a lot of players, it stayed above 1400 for quite a bit longer than usual and even peaked at around 1440-1450 for a few minutes, which I've never seen the player count go up that much recently. On the first run there was a big group of about 10-12 players in the same area, and there were a few more players elsewhere on the road so about 15 in total. Going back the road was pretty quiet with only about 6 players max. Same with the second run both ways I only saw about 6 players. Here are some in game screenshots I took if you want to look at them: https://imgur.com/a/NgRyLWn 


I wasn't able to get on Sunday this time but I'm sure the traffic was about the same as yesterday, although not as high of a player count on the entire server.


The road is still fun to drive on and like I said you might come across some big groups of players like I did. Definitely consider getting on and enjoy the road while it lasts, the road isn't dead yet and maybe it will last longer than I thought it would which I guessed this weekend would be the last time it would be decently populated.


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