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Hot Topic #44: Happy Holidays!


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1 hour ago, Coolio85 said:

Hello truckers and happy holidays from TruckersMP! ?


As holiday season is fast approaching. What will you be doing this time? Will you be hosting or joining any special events?


If you missed our Christmas event which took place today, you can watch videos of our stream here https://www.twitch.tv/truckersmp_official!

Still got 6 more days worth of events to attend before Christmas ??

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Merry Christmas!

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For me,

Christmas Eve: I am working 6AM till 2PM but then I have 2 days off as my company is being really kind!

Christmas Day: Will be spending the day with family and eating all of the food!! ?

Boxing Day: No clue tbqh. Thinking about the reduce Christmas Chocolate the shops will be selling ?

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