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New Merch!


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As many others said before, I seriously like the winterstyle of the new Merch! Well done and great artwork ;). 

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Pog, that's looking awesome! 896749734792949781.png?size=96


First of all the update of the website "Merchandise" is noice, looks way better then before and just overall much cleaner and better. Love it! 804391262362402856.png?size=96


About the new hoodies and designs, dayum, dabbin fam! 

I already have the basic hoodie at home and love it. The quality of it, sheesh, and the money itself was absolutely worth it and I'm looking forward having more TMP merchandise at home soon! 



750755369558605898.png?size=96 facts


20210317_162450.jpg?width=507&height=676 775117548307349506.gif?size=96 love it! Best hoodie which I'm having in my closet.


So yos, soon christmas fam, which means I need to get some stuff 899610958295621663.gif?size=96804391262362402856.png?size=96 


896749736051212288.png?size=96 is soooooooooo cute! @Pixel.854145460535820299.png?size=96


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