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Picture of the Month - December 2021


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Welcome to Picture of the Month - The monthly competition where truckers post their best pictures in line with each month's theme. Winners will be decided by the Media Team at the end of each month.

- 👉 This month's theme will be Winter / Snow ☃️❄️! (You can use the free mod by Grimes to get into your game on their website ETS2 - ATS)👈 

- Your picture must have snow.
- The competition closes on the 27th of December 2021 at 23:59 UTC.
- You can find the rules here: 

If you wish to gain some motivation for your own idea, you may have a look at our last month's winners in our topic below:

Happy Trucking!

TruckersMP Media Team

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My history on the TruckersMP


- Registered in TruckersMP since 20 May 2018. Plain a player.

- Forum account created since 26 September 2019.

- I got on the Trucky team in the early fall and currently hold a position on the Media Team

- Joined the VTlog team as an Translator

- Joined VTC Bruijn Logistics on 29 September 2021, held the position of Media Team (Graphics Deisgner) and later left from the company. [29.09.21 - 09.03.22]

- Joined VTC GökBörü on 14 March 2022, held the position of Driver, left from the company. [14.03.22 - 09.05.22]

- Joined VTC Mileage Riot on 09 May 2022, currently holding the position of Licensed Driver, additional appointments to the positions of Content Creator. [09.05.22 - 29.06.22]



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