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Unsupported game version



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Hello dear @TimonThePLDriver

First of all, Welcome to TruckersMP Forums, especially in Help Section :tmp:


I would like introduce myself before I will going to help you with your issue ? I really appreciate you shared your issue with us!


My name is Petr (RedWolf_TMP), and I am member of TruckersMP Community. My hobby is asnwering/helping to others with their issues/questions as asoon as I am able to. I will do best for you to asnwer your question.



Answer to your question/issue:


  • Thats a problem, you have to select NONE theremIa5myg.png

TruckersMP is compatible with latest versions of ETS2/ATS, so there you do not need setting up temporary 1.42x

Hope, it will work for you



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Hello there,


Did you get the answer you were looking for with the answer given above?

Your confirmation of the status of your issue/question helps us keep the forum always organized!



Kind Regards,


TruckersMP Support


Nie ma magicznych skrótów do rozwiązania Twoich problemów.


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