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[SCS Blog] Texas - Offshore Shipyard

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Since the state of Texas is so enormous, it is only logical that in this upcoming map expansion we are going to bring quite a few new industries to the player to work with. One of these is the Offshore Shipyard industry, which is going to involve some of the biggest industrial complexes. Let’s take a look at why you should really be excited about this great addition!


The offshore service near Corpus Christi has completed some of the biggest projects in the world. Its specialization includes the design and deconstruction of offshore oil rigs, working with shipwrecks, and construction of other subsea and offshore structures. Additionally, this facility features some of the largest cranes ever built.


Located in Brownsville, the other facility presents the foremost offshore shipyard in the Gulf of Mexico, and its experienced workforce is focused more on the oil rigs. With the up-to-date technological innovation, players who will find themselves inside this area will definitely have a huge story to tell!


This is just a small glimpse into the new industries that are arriving in the Texas DLC. After all, it would be unreasonable to leave them out, given the massive size of the state and the local economy. And if you are still safely outside the mentality of "information overload", don’t forget to add the map expansion to your Steam Wishlist!


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