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Halloween 2021 Events


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Thanks for the Halloween ghost hunting event.😀
This time it was a little hard to find, but even finding only 9 ghosts it would be good to get at least the badge of whoever was participating and did their best, although I didn't find all 12 ghosts.😐

  >  Raaphael   <   

Veteran Driver VII

🚓   🚛  🚛 🚛 🚛   🚓

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Hi there,


Thank you for two Halloween events at TruckersMP!


Video 📹 in TruckersMP_Official Twitch channel:

Stats: 📈 Players online: 


Halloween Convoy

I watched the Saturday convoy in 2-3 live-streams at the same time, including the official one, of course. I liked it very much. Additionally, the streamers which I watched also liked the convoy with many surprises, things. 
Several people used the hint and used /disconnect command option and next reconnect to the server a few kilometres outside Lyon. In the city were a few hundred players and the fps were tending to a few. The disconnect command was really helpful in this case from what I saw. It was good to watch the convoy.


Halloween Hunt

I prepared myself quite solidly and for a long time and then took part in the Halloween Hunt event on Sunday. I was able to find all the ghosts.
It took me about 3h 20 minutes to visit 100% of the event roads/Area of play (in order not to miss any nook, in cities I often used camera 0). I found 11/12 ghosts that were in the event map area. In the last minutes I somehow found a blue ghost, so much happiness.


Blue ghost was placed off the Area of play or map was inaccurate.

 ZVtebvR.png  ofc.: Qg55xaS.png source: https://i.imgur.com/VrfXBU5.png

I believe that it is worth considering going back to form / type of maps that were published in previous years. For example: https://imgur.com/UG5ydmXhttps://i.imgur.com/BhF5xlk.png

Although they look worse in social media, their advantage was accuracy without a doubt. In order to strive for only positive experiences and avoid misunderstandings.



  • activity in TMP social media (included many teasers)
  • two great live-stream
  • very good communication with staff(Managment) before events
  • a non-standard, positively surprising convoy route (hidden roads) 
  • a lot of amazing content  related to Halloween on both days on event servers and even on other servers during the weekend



  • published only 10/12 Hints in the Halloween Hunt event blog
  • doubts about the map - the place of blue ghost


See you at the next event :tmp:



Yours sincerely,


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I wasn't able to attend the Halloween Convoy this year sadly, however I did indeed attend the Halloween Hunt. It was loads of fun and I really enjoyed teaming up to hunt down some of the ghosts, super glad that you decided to do another addition of it this year, so thank you very much to everyone involved! 💞

Kind regards,



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Hello 💫  

I want to thank all the organizers of yesterday's event. On behalf of myself and some people, I would say that we had incredible emotions. It was both fun and scary at the same time. The energy was overflowing all four hours. It was very cool.
And a huge thank you to all the participants. On the way there were familiar nicknames, it was nice to see them there

Kind regards,
Camelliya I TruckersMP I Support

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It was very nice to watch as I couldn't be there due to my work, but I was able to follow it via streams etc. Thanks for the great event  ❤️:tmp:❤️

Mo1993  -  TruckersMP ❤️

Languages: English | German

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me.

 Kind Regards,,





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