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Will the game ever get its players back - Opinions?


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I can understand the problem with adding many mod’s to mp . But is there a way the mp team could make/add or link a mod from the steam workshop? .if they could add just one  like the tandem  mod that would be a boost for the player . Genuine question as I don’t know much about how that side of things work .🤔

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4 hours ago, tattytate said:

I can understand the problem with adding many mod’s to mp . But is there a way the mp team could make/add or link a mod from the steam workshop? .if they could add just one  like the tandem  mod that would be a boost for the player . Genuine question as I don’t know much about how that side of things work .🤔

See with the winter mod not everyone will have to have the mod in order to play. And that is because its just a winter mod. Its just snow on the road. So if you have snow and i dont, it wont matter to me. But if you lets say have a different trailer and i dont have that mod? I cant see your trailer and so it might just look like a default trailer and so i would think its a default trailer and i might hit your trailer cause i cant see how long it is. And that would cause a whole heap of trouble when half the players use a trailer that the other half cant see. Which is why that when it comes to anything that is not just a cosmetic mod everyone has to have it. The other problem with all this is the fact that the server also has to have this mod. And so if a there is an update to the game and the mod stops working, we would have to remove the mod from the server and wait till the mod was fixed. Or if there was a bug with the mod after an update we would not be able to fix that bug since the mod is not ours. Its way too much of a pain and work to keep different mods working if we havent made them. And it would never be so that anyone could just download a mod and use it. Cause everyone else would like have to have that too. And if you constantly had to download a mod from somewhere to join a server we would loose quite a lot of players.

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4 hours ago, blabberbeak said:

It was a different story when the winter mod was offered together with the winter physics mod.

Players drifting around roundabouts had an impact on all other players nearby.

Sure. But not if people just drove sort of normally. Where as if you are using a trailer mod that i cant see, no matter how nice you drive i might still hit you cause your trailer is way longer than it seems on my screen. And i have no way of knowing. Sure the drifters in wintermod is a problem but they can get a ban for that, but i cant know if you have a different trailer cause of some mod i dont have.

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truckersmp is dying if you look at the statistics of the past years, since the arrival of the official multiplayer SCS truckersmp does not even reach the full server even in the evening and even when truckersmp was at the last official update, the server was more populated than today, I also notice the steam statistics which show that the number of players playing at ets2 has not weakened and therefore who play more in single player mode or convoy scs.

Today a simulation server struggles to reach 2000 simultaneous players and, speed limits have been established to force the simulation, truckersmp is updated almost immediately after the official release, passenger vehicles are added for more fun. ..in spite of all this truckersmp is dying




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So dramatic... Players that only had 1 option split, now that there are 2 options. Logically, the 1st and older option will lose players in favour of the 2nd and newer one. It doesn't mean that the first one is dying.

Imagine that there were only FIFA games. All soccer fans would play FIFA (let´s say 100K players). Suddenly, another company releases Pro Evolution Soccer. Many among those 100K (let's say 50K players) would switch to PES for whatever reasons, they like it better, it has more or simply different options, features... Guess what? FIFA would still have 50K players. Clearly, less than before, when it was the one and only, but NOTHING like dead.

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On 9/27/2021 at 9:51 PM, jxqeph said:

Hi guys,


I thought I would start a discussion. Ever since the convoy update, players have split in half, at peak times they reach around 4000 players at once. Before, at peak times, we were looking at like 8000 at peak times. Do you think it will ever recover or will people stay with the convoy. I'm not sure if people are going to miss the mass multiplayer experience after a while, time will just tell. What do you guys think? 


Let me know! 


To be honest, truckersmp stop growing years ago. The SCS multiplayer was simply the final blow. I mean for a game that has more than 4 million registered users, the servers should have been flooded with players and long waiting queues and that should have lead to more server space or even new servers. But that's clearly not the case here.


I'd say the downfall started with the road to simulation.

First of all, it brought harsh punishments for reckless drivers. I can't even begin to imagine how many out of the 4 million players are banned, but if i had to guess i'd say more than 1 million. Personally, I never cared about reckless drivers. They're actually the reason i enjoyed multiplayer so much. Trying to move my cargo on the C-D road without damage is definitely a unique experience and the reason i used to enjoy TMP so much before all these rules. It's the unpredictable human factor that made the game so fun for me.


Secondly, the road to simulation brought a (new) speed limit (110 km/h). For me personally that was the day that TMP was ruined for good. I understand why such a decision was taken, but i still consider it a poor decision. Anyway that made a lot of players leave the game, myself included. I didn't leave the game entirely, but i reduced it to a handful of jobs per month.

There was a time that i could spend an entire afternoon playing TMP alone and have a great time. All the interactions with the players, the huge traffic lines from convoys on the C-D road, the reckless overtakes where you had to take evasive action, provide space while trying to hold your truck under control were what made this mod great for me. And sure sometimes it was frustrating to have your truck ruined by a reckless driver but it was also the reason i enjoyed massive multiplayer. When i clicked the play button in TMP, i knew what lied ahead but that never stopped me from coming back to the game. Anyway to stay on point, the speed limit definitely lead to another decrease in playerbase and if i had to guess i'd say that it also reduced the number of new players coming to the mod aswell.


Now for the keen observer in the stats, the mod stopped growing ever since the road to simulation (Q1-Q2 of 2019 IIRC). Only during the lockdowns of 2020 & 2021, the playerbase got a huge boost. But that was only circumstancial. Same with Christmas holidays.


And like i said in the beginning, the final blow came when SCS released its own multiplayer. That was a matter of time to be honest. Watching the huge success TMP had, i'm surpised they didn't release it sooner. Both versions have pros and cons but the bottom line for me personally is why bother playing on a server with speed limit rules, unreliable network connections or reckless driving from other players where one mistake can lead to a ban rather than playing with your friends in a more forgiving and safer environment with AI traffic. The only reason to join TMP nowadays is if you want the 'massive' experience where you can drive on a convoy with 10+ trucks (like events) or join a VTC. Other than that, there's absolutely no reason to play the mod. 


Last but most importantly, I've talked with many of players during the past 3 years and they all mentioned that they would go on another platform in a heartbeat to enjoy ETS2 multiplayer rather that staying with TMP given how TMP treated their community. I mean TMP rules were massively favoring simulation trucking instead of arcade. And i'd argue that most players preferred arcade trucking than simulation. That shows bad faith from TMP managers. And yes, you can argue that it's their mod and their rules, but you really shouldn't wonder then what happened to all these players once a new platform came out. It wasn't just another multiplayer that split the playerbase. It was a past of bad decisions combined with a new competitor in the market. TMP had it easy with the playerbase when it had monopoly over multiplayer, but now it simply shows how few are actually committed to this mod out of 4 million players.



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