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Truck not in saved garage





Had a look around to see if this had been brought up before but couldn't see anything.


I store my truck into my London garage, yet when I go into another truck and then back to the original one in London it always spawns me in Calais. 


Am I doing something wrong?



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You aren't doing anything wrong, this is just how the game works.


When selecting a truck to drive, you will always be teleported with that truck to what is considered your "Headquarters" garage, which is in your case Calais.


If you want to change what garage that is, go into the driver manager and find yourself, then select "relocate" and select a different garage.

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Hello dear @Ash84


First of all, welcome here in Help Section on TruckersMP Forums :tmp:


Before I will start to help you with your problem, I would like to introduce myself  


My name is Petr, and I am member of TruckersMP Community. My hobby is asnwering/helping to others with their issues/questions as asoon as I am able to. I will do best for you to asnwer your question. Today I will be helping you with solving your problem/question.



Answer to your question: 

No, you dont do anything bad, it happens because your first garage was bought in Calais.  Always, when you create a new profile, you get an opportunity which garage do you want to choose ,, as main" and where you will be taken always, when you want to drive with another truck.  


For example: my main garage is in Hannover - always when I choose to drive another truck and I can be for example in Calais,  I will always teleported to main garage with your truck.  Then you can teleport back again with your new truck.


Hope, I answered your question 🙂 


If you would have any more questions, feel free to ask me here, I will remain your disposal. 


Kindest Regards,


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Hello @Ash84,


Has your problem/question been resolved with the answer given above?  

The confirmation of the status of your problem/question helps us always keep our forum organized!  


I await your response.



Kind Regards,  


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Just a tip for you, I would choose my main garage somewhere else near Calais.  For example, mine is Dover so that way your PC does not have to load in all the players.  I also can assure you that you are not doing anything wrong.  


Kind regards,
Mirage2357 {ESP}


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Since you have not responded to this topic after a period of 3 days, we will have to move this topic to Inactive Topics. 

If you still need further guidance/support you can feel free to message another supporter or myself and we would be able to re-open this topic as per your request. 

Best Regards, 



//locked and moved to Inactive Topics

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