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Truck Job Dispatcher


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Nice update!!! ❤️🙂 

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now that's a really cool feature 🤯 goodbye virtual speditor 🥲

I have a tiny suggestion, it would be really useful to have an actual cargo weight in the cargo list, something like this:

I think I was suggesting something similar to virtual speditor developer, but he was not able to implement that, maybe Shawn can look into that and make it happen? 🙏

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Hi, will there be a function, when selecting "public share" for a job, to add the job automaticaly into the company depot list?
Expl.: Cargo of type Beer from with trailer X taken at depot Y. Upon generation to have generate for all with a countdown timer of 15 to 30 minuutes. This will be better than to have to click on every person.
Is it doable?

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