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Truck Job Dispatcher


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Nice update!!! ❤️? 

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now that's a really cool feature ? goodbye virtual speditor ?

I have a tiny suggestion, it would be really useful to have an actual cargo weight in the cargo list, something like this:

I think I was suggesting something similar to virtual speditor developer, but he was not able to implement that, maybe Shawn can look into that and make it happen? ?

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Hi, will there be a function, when selecting "public share" for a job, to add the job automaticaly into the company depot list?
Expl.: Cargo of type Beer from with trailer X taken at depot Y. Upon generation to have generate for all with a countdown timer of 15 to 30 minuutes. This will be better than to have to click on every person.
Is it doable?

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One of the best and cleanest features ever implemented into Truckers MP

Easy to use, very friendly interface, everything you need is there,..

This was developed with the community in mind!

Congratz on the dev team, it's a great achievement!

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Yeah, Upvote!


Thanks to Truck Job Dispatcher, I achieved the Steam Achievements for the Wyoming DLC related to the delivery of certain cargoes to specific locations fairly quickly.


In the past, it was very troublesome because finding specific World of Trucks or even Cargo Market orders was very difficult. The time change to refresh the job list (single-player only) or used external programs may have been a way.

Currently, Steam achievements are no longer a problem on TruckersMP, which I am very happy about.


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