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So... what is the next step:
a/ owned trailers (removing the dependancy on Trucky);
b/ integrate distance and speed calculation as in Trucksbook;
c/ fix the ingame lag when more than 20~30 people occupy the same location;
d/ add support for other European based ProMods maps such as: Russ map and Southern Region?



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Great video and another teaser:woah:❗


It is a big step which facilitate and speed up taking the same cargoes without the need for external programs. 

This will make it easier to travel to the same cities together. It is also a convenience for many VTCs because during convoys with the same cargo.

Although there is no support for World of Trucks jobs in the feature. We can still have the same external (wotr) jobs on TruckersMP servers, just enter World of Trucks order list in the game menu and click-take the selected order only the moment when friends, interested see them.



Good discovery @_Artis_


3 hours ago, _Artis_ said:




I also saw something in 0:18. Looking at the interior of this model, this is how it looks like a bus, definitely! But it does not resemble an AI bus when I looking at the figure of the driver. Additionally, I didn't see this model bus in Euro Truck Simulator 2 while playing the base game.
I would love to see more photos, tips to share my opinion, try to figure it out. So let's wait for the next teasers.


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Oh wow, long awaited feature. And will serve very well!

A big thanks to the development team for the update, and not to forget big thanks to media for such a stunning video. Love it:love:

I'm just hoping support for ownable trailers will happen sooner rather than later ?

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