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TruckersMP Game Moderation Staff Question

GM [LKW Logistics] Joe.


Hello to all Game Mods out there,


I am wanting to apply for Game moderation once they open the applications again

i was just wondering if you could give me a bit about what to expect and maybe how it works


- I know you will start as a Game moderator Trainee then after you pass the trial

do you have to be a Report moderator or can you pick witch one you would like to be 


out of Game mod or Report Mod


Sadly i can't apply Till the 8th Feb 21:00 GMT Since i have already been banned once

and it was not my fault but we will not talk about that 


If anyone could help me with this question that would be amazing




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Hello @[CEO] Joe.S


Yes, I believe you do have to be a report moderator before going to the game moderator step, this is so that you can learn how the report system works and it will be some sort of part of your training using scenarios seen in reports to actually be a part of the Game Moderation team but obviously, I have never been a game moderator or part of TMP but I know how it works.


Have a good day, 


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Hello @[CEO] Joe.S,


Thank you for your confirmation! And thanks everyone that contributed.

I will now lock this topic and move it to Solved.


If you have any questions or issues in the future, please reach out to us again.


All the best,


TruckersMP Support


// Locked & moved to Solved


Pries Logistics | Discord | Website | Insta | Twitter | Facebook

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