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How many of you have World of Truck?


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5 hours ago, .Pedro. said:

Good evening I decided to open this topic to find out how many of you are racing on Word of Truck?


Now that's a funny title and description.


''how many of you are racing on Word of Truck?'' :LUL:


WoT's got nothing to do with racing, at least I don't see anyone racing on 90km/h constant speed.


But whatever, I've got a WoT account, when it comes to doing jobs, I use those 'external contracts' on the market. :thisisfine:


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Hey, Pedro


First of all, I would like to thank you for creating this topic and making this community active♥️♥️


Count me too, When I play ETS 2 MP I usually take WOTR jobs, but except to C-D Road, because it's not too safe to drive with them there.




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  • .Pedro. changed the title to How many of you have World of Truck?

I have an account there, and use it at times. But not often. I mostly use it for SCS events. Like currently cruising Wyoming.

I used it before I got started with Trucky Dispatcher to sync up jobs with my friends. But ever since I started with Trucky Dispatcher, I don't use WoT so much.

Mainly because
1. The limited speed (90)

2. The removal of loading save / f7. Which just makes it impossible if you get rammed by someone, and you flip / get stuck. Which happens a bit in TMP.

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 @[VIVA] HolyvisionMany. With World of Trucks jobs, you can only do 90 Km/h in ETS2 or 65 mph in ATS, the server limit is 110 Km/h in ETS2 and 80 mph in ATS, some people can't have others overtaking them, they feel "defeated", it would seem, so they don't even think about anything other than going as fast as they can.


Also, with regular jobs, you crash, you can load an autosave from some seconds before and it's like the crash never happened. With World of Trucks jobs, you crash and you are screwed, loading autosaves doesn't work and if you tipped your vehicle and use F7, the job is lost. This is also a deterrent for people who drive full speed and are more likely to suffer "accidents".


Me, I only do WoT jobs, I like that they are logged automatically in my WoT profile, that I need to be more careful to avoid damage, real time instead of game time means that I can even do "sleep stops" while in a job... It looks to me that it's more "simulation" with these jobs, instead of the so common TruckersMP's players: "Full speed, crash, load an autosave, full speed again, OMG, I lost time with that crash... Get out of my way!"

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Yeah, I race on World of Trucks. I'm even fast as Lightning McQueen! :kappa:


But yeah, I have a WoT account and connected it to my profiles 

                                                               Kind regards,


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I pretty much always use World of Trucks jobs because I like the logging features it has. Its fun to go back and see what you've driven over the past few weeks or months plus it keeps some pretty neat stats. Also, I've found it to have the widest selection of jobs for where I want to go to in a given area so that definitely helps when I'm choosing jobs. Now that TMP has added the job dispatcher, that fills in the rest of the gaps for when I want to go a specific place but the external contracts still have me covered most of the time. 

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I have World of Truck. But I most be honest, and admit that I mostly only used it when SCS is having an event, cause I like getting new stuff, even though I hardly ever use it. But I just want it :LUL: I have also used WoT a little bit when doing a small convoy with some friends. But now a day we just use Virtual Speditor, or we will just use TMPs new system. I actually haven't tried it yet, but it looks cool.

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