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What is your favorite trailer?


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Hey Truckers,


i like to ask you:

which trailer is the best?

Why do they use this trailer?
Which trailer can be used to load what cargo that brings a lot of money?

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I do not have a favorite trailer. I do not have a preference on what is best to use. But here is my take on this. 

I enjoy the refrigerated/reefer trailer. There are plenty of loads you can do with that trailer and some of them even come off at a premium price. Single trailers can be used everywhere on the map. Doubles and triples are issues in many places. The most money I have made on one load with a reefer trailer was $101,442

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I Can Say Definitely My Fav Trailer Is Krone Profiliner. 💙

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I like the lowbeds. Specifically the 5 axle lowbed in ETS that i can use short or long for versatility. I like when I can find a locomotive to haul around. I liked how the 4 axle lowbed was long, but I have had issues with ground clearance on ramps if I need to stop for traffic.


For ATS, i like the triple trailer triaxle lowbed. I used to haul transformers around all over but the log stackers seem to net the best incomes with that setup. Ground clearance can again be an issue on ramps if you have to stop though.

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I always use KRONE Trailer ❤️


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I have a lot of my own trailers; single as well as double and hct also with save edition. But I have a special fondness for my refrigerated trailer (no dlc).

It is at the top of the trailer manager (this is my first own trailer on TruckersMP). I like her for several reasons. Mainly because own trailers were a long-awaited function, so we were making eye as team members test this function in the city Aalborg in September 2018, and we waited for the update. A few minutes after it appeared, I was driving all night with my friends also with this trailer.  Another aspect is the fact that I can earn a lot of money deliver medical vaccines. Currently, I use it on the many official events (mainly convoys) on TruckersMP servers. In addition, on the ProMods map. For example, in Iceland there is no option to deliver WoTr, so Sometimes I use the refrigerated trailer and choose a job from the cargo market.

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Favourite is lowboy trailers, because heavy loads > everything.

Of vanilla trailers, Schwarzmuller, because I love the mudflaps and the black Schwarzmuller paint job.

Recently downloaded the Carnehl tipper, and I think it looks really good. Not the biggest fan of tippers, but this one's good.



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Tankers and lowbeds, always enjoy pulling those as they usually look good with my units, i tend to also make trucks for specific applications, so make a tanker unit to a specific spec, adds another layer of simulation to it for me!

Even tiny details, like making sure if im pulling a flat bed with straw that i dont use exhaust stacks.





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