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I like the new system, but am curious. I received a "One Month" and "One Year" today, but have been on the forums since 2018 and made my first post in 2018, as well. Did I lose a few years somewhere? I realize I have not been very active on the forums, (disabilities and pain issues), but I have a "Veteran III" level tag under my avatar, so things seem to be unmatched/mismatched somehow.

IDMooseMan 2022-01-01 084909.png

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Add screenshot.
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Late reply I know. This is a nice update but one problem I have with it is that for the new ranks system it doesn't take all your posts that you made before that update into consideration so it makes it unfair for old forum users. So I'm starting at newbie rank even though I made 700+ posts before the update and a good amount of reactions. For the new badges system it does grant the rewards for all the posts you've made before the update (such as the 500 comments/replies). 

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