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Do you follow speed limits?


Speed Limits  

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  1. 1. Do you follow speed limits?

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. Should truckers in ETS2 and ATS follow speed limits?

    • Yes
    • No

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I personally stick to around the speed limit, a bit under or just slightly above -- But most of the time right at the Speed Limit -- However, exceptions can be made when I'm driving with friends or etc.

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13 hours ago, Xristrucking said:

Speed is not that bad, it depends on how good or bad players can handle it.

I definitely agree here. Very good point.


9 hours ago, Donovannn said:

TMP is not all about speeding to get to your destination the fastest, it's about being realistic with other online players. 

I like this point. I am not sure if people would agree to the point I am about to make but, I would also like to add that I feel driving in TMP could somewhat promote safe driving in real life. This is just a simulation and by players getting into an accident in the game, the increased liklihood of that player not committing that same mistake and even to not commit the mistake when driving in real life. Whether that be on a car, bus or truck, I feel TruckersMP can somewhat promote safe and responsible driving. It's a little difficult for me to explain this properly, but yeah...


18 hours ago, JuanK. said:

Of course!. I think it is much safer to drive with the speed limit, it is also much more realistic ❤️.

To drive in a more realistic manner in ETS2 and ATS somewhat makes the game quite fun too. However, sometimes in a long journey, people may just want to get to the destination since the drive is very long. But of course, it's safter driving abiding the speed limits.

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I Follow Speed Limits Because Following Speed Limits Can Prevent Many Accidents. This way it helps us stay safer.


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Kind Regards,
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3 hours ago, WazzaOz said:

Most definitely, fewer problems and much more enjoyable, there is some great scenery to look at, which you won't see if your doing warp 9.9.

Haha! Of course, there is some great scenery around the map, especially in DLC areas. It's hard to enjoy the scenery at speed. Little off-topic here but what areas around the map do you tend to drive at reduced speeds, whether that would be for scenery or because it is busy. Everyone is welcome to answer.

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Not really. But my max speed is 97km/h due to trucksbook. But mostly I drive with the speedlimiter on, because that is easier when accelerating.
I'm not slowing down for every little village, that has nobody driving through it.
I keep a good look at the mini map, if there are players around. And I mostly drive in promods.

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Yes, there's no reason not to.


Only exception for me is checkpoints in the PM Middle East expansion. There isn't really a penalty or a requirement to stop for them, and dropping down to 10-25km/h in the midst of any drive is pretty dangerous for others.


Apart from that, you can catch me doing 80 or 90 in a 70 on some tight, secluded road and that's it.

Event Team @ Pries


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It depends.
When I'm driving alone I do sometimes the max speed of 110km/h, but only when it is possible and not disturbing other players.
In convoys I stick to the max speed what the leader is driving, only speeding when there are gaps to be filled.
When I drive with others then we mostly do max 90 km/h


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Mostly not but didn't crash anyone in my whole game career. 


I think playing the game good or carefully isn't related with the speed limits 🙂

Best regards;


                                         Pries Logistics Event and Community Moderation Team                                                         TruckersMP                                                                                                                                                                                                                            image.png.3ce314c7c1253ebfc8a8fd41859e5fad.pngimage.png.b724a5768acf891397e55eda6ae667bb.pngspacer.png                           spacer.png








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Not necessarily, for example going 50 or 60km/h fixed on whole c-d could be boring, if it was 80km/h as the main limit then it would be a different story.
But I think that for a nicer environment people might make exceptions sometimes, as long as they feel like their speed is safe, but not drive crazy either haha

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On 7/27/2021 at 7:00 PM, Azuly said:

You use your common sense to drive at a compatible speed to the situation. If there are players around, slow down. 

It is very important to think about whether the speed is appropriate for the situation. I agree. Unfortunately, some players may not exactly think about this and would just cruise at the maximum speed possible regardless of any bends.


On 7/27/2021 at 5:23 PM, _sneaht_0810 said:

I personally do not follow the set speed limits since they most of the time are tooo slow or toooo fast

Understandable. A lot of areas in ETS2 uses a low speed limit of 37mph. However, I guess SCS software are basing speed limits in accordance to any road laws in that given country.


On 7/25/2021 at 7:19 PM, Ulog said:

Hey there !


I'm not following speed limits on the GPS. I'm always driving at 95 kph / 56mph with the cruise control.


Have a nice day and Happy Trucking !



Thanks for the response! And of course, happy trucking to you!



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Driving speed limits feels slow for me, so I always drive 110 km/h. But whenever I drive the C-D Road, I drive 90 km/h since it's less risky 

                                                               Kind regards,


                                                          Bruijn Logistics | Human Resources 

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