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How to overtake vehicles safely?

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How to overtake vehicles safely?

By ash.exe

I thought I update this guide to give a better insight to how to overtake vehicles in TruckersMP. A common reason why many people including myself have been banned is for inappropriate overtaking. This guide will be covering the following:

  • General rules on overtaking.
  • Considerations to take into account before overtaking.
  • How to overtake vehicles ahead?
  • If a driver is overtaking you.


General rules on overtaking:

  • Overtaking is a very risky manoeuvre - This is considered one of the most dangerous manoeuvres to complete on a road. If you plan to overtake, please consider how experienced you are with general driving and traffic management.
  • Always observe for hazards or signs indicating you should not overtake - Some examples of hazards are vehicles, junctions or road layout change. Some examples of signs are "No overtaking signs" or solid line road markings. If you found a potential hazard, best not to overtake.
  • Do not overtake through a hard shoulder or overtake off-road - The hard shoulder is intended for emergencies only and must never be used for normal driving. Off-roading is reckless and you are likely to hit an invisible object.
  • Do not overtake a vehicle if you are required to break the speed limiter - The maximum speed for cars and trucks is 110 km/h or 68 mph. For buses, this is reduced to 80 km/h or 50 mph. Do not overtake the vehicle if you are driving any closer to the maximum speed as this will likely block oncoming traffic. 
  • Do not overtake if you are lagging - Whether this is ping related or FPS related, it may take longer for you to overtake and likely poses a hazard to other traffic.
  • Do not tail an overtaking driver - What I mean by this is following an overtaking vehicle while overtaking the driver ahead. This is dangerous as oncoming traffic will not be able to see a second vehicle approaching.
  • Keep a good distance away from the vehicle - Keep as far away from the vehicle you are overtaking. When you finish overtaking, make sure you leave a distance from that vehicle before returning to your lane. Make sure you do not cut the driver off. 
  • Do not overtake more than one vehicle - This is usually a common reason why people usually get kicked from the game. It takes longer for a truck to overtake a vehicle so overtaking multiple vehicles will double that.


Never overtake on the following conditions:

  • Unable to see the road ahead due to a bend or a dip.
  • Too close to a junction, railway crossing or a narrow road.
  • Overtaking on a prohibited area (i.e. No overtaking signs, Solid line markings)
  • Overtaking when you need to change roads.
  • Traffic approaching behind or in front of you.



Double solid lines means you cannot overtake here:



A single solid line also means you cannot overtake here:



This is a no overtaking sign. This zone stays in effect until you see a sign that cancels this restriction.



Section 2 - Consider the following before overtaking:

  • Can I see the road ahead and any oncoming traffic? - If you cannot see the road ahead, you won't be able to see oncoming traffic. Hence, do not overtake in this condition.
  • Can my vehicle overtake the vehicle ahead swiftly? - If your speed limiter may interfere with overtaking the vehicle ahead, or if the vehicle may struggle to accelerate quickly, don't overtake.
  • Is it illegal to overtake? - If signs or road markings are preventing you from overtaking, don't overtake.
  • Am I confident in overtaking? - If you are not confident with overtaking, don't overtake until you feel more confident with this.
  • Is this necessary? - If you feel it is not needed, it's best you do not overtake the vehicle ahead.


Section 3 - How to overtake vehicles safely?

  1. Observe for any signs or markings prohibiting you from overtaking - Wait until you have passed the area before deciding to overtake.*
  2. Check for vehicles approaching you, oncoming traffic and junctions which may interfere with this process
  3. When ready to overtake, make sure the vehicle ahead can see you and knows your intentions - If you cannot see the mirrors of the vehicle ahead, they cannot see you. It would be a good idea to indicate so that they know what you are doing**
  4. Emerge out and pass the vehicle as quickly as possible
  5. Keep a good distance from the vehicle behind and return to normal driving lane - You should leave about a 4 second gap from the vehicle behind in the event where you lag. In duel carriageways, make sure you return back to the original lane to prevent lane hogging the overtaking lane.

* You are permitted to pass through a solid white line if the is a stationary vehicle or road block ahead of you. You can also turn left or right when the line passes through a junction.

** Avoid signaling if there is a junction ahead. It will be misleading to other drivers.


Section 4 - If a driver is overtaking you

  • Do not accelerate under any circumstance - It is very dangerous and prevents the overtaking driver from returning to the normal driving lane.
  • Do NOT prevent the overtake - By preventing an overtake, you increase the time for the other vehicle to overtake and could cause a collision. 
  • Try to slow down if oncoming traffic is approaching - By slowing down, you are allowing the overtaking vehicle to return to the normal lane quickly with a minimal risk of a collision. Failing to slow down may also make you liable as well as the overtaking driver.
  • Avoid swerving - You risk colliding next to the overtaking truck.
  • Do not get angry if someone decides to overtake - This is not a racing game. Play on arcade or Forza if you wish to race.


I hope this guide has been helpful. If you have anything to add or any questions, please comment on this post and I'll try my best to reply.


(i hope the tmp team won't mind me adding this) Please consider reading the guide as the video doesn't cover everything from the guide. 


UPDATE: Guide will be updated very soon to contain more information on this.

UPDATE 2: I'm so sorry, I've just realised the images are missing. Will be adding new images very very soon! 

UPDATE 3: Hi everyone! I'm still in the process of updating this guide but have slightly changed the formatting of this guide. I will be adding in a video and some images later on! 

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Hai dear @Ash_0104


First of all, I woud like to thank you for creating and giving time to this guide. I really appreciate your time to spend on making some helpful guides for others. :tmp:



  • I will be taking this guide as example for others on my stream and will show it to them aswell. This is very useful and hlepful topic. 


Thank you,



TruckersMP Member



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[MCG] RedWolf [CZ]  I TruckersMP

(ETS2 - 5,860 hours)



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I have added a few more points in the guide that may be useful. Something that I commonly see in TruckersMP is people preventing other drivers from overtaking by speeding up or blocking their way. This is very dangerous behaviour and will likely find yourself in trouble.


Happy trucking and Merry Christmas!


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