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What is everyone's Favourite Truck In Game?

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I would say that MAN TGX Euro 6. I driving it very often for several months.

There are two things involved:

  • large windscreen (can see more especially when I visit/test new areas of the DLC)
  • one of the largest amounts of FPS (for me) on the camera 1(camera from inside) in the truck
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I have a Volvo FH 2012 (750hp, 6x4 taglift) for heavy hauling/double trailers etc. and a Scania R (650hp V8, 4x2) for lighter cargo.


I like the Volvo because its DLC parts look really nice, and because I'm used to its brakes and handling. It just looks appealing.


I like the Scania because their new models look great, and because it has a nicer interior than the Volvo. The brand is also a staple of Dutch styled trucks 😛

Event Team @ Pries


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I'm addicted to my Volvo FH 2012 😄

                                                               Kind regards,


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I've gotten about 155K miles (roughly 250K KM) on my Daf XF105 that I've been driving since April. I'm more a fan of older trucks (besides the older Scanias, I think they look weird). If I had to choose a 2nd favorite it would probably be the Volvo  FH Classic or the Mercedes old Actros.


 Driver for VTC Auf Achse

700K+ Kilometers on TrucksBook and counting!

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On 06.07.2021 at 12:48, Simulation Gaming TTV said:

Hepinizin ne sürdüğünü öğrenmekle ilgileniyorum! Favori kamyonumun Scania S730 olduğunu söyleyebilirim, ayrıca yeni DAF XG+'yı da umursamıyorum ama SCS'nin bu kamyon için bir 6x4 Seçeneği yayınlaması gerektiğini düşünüyorum.

A powerful and modified option is too much, so volvo ❤️😁spacer.png

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Heya! Thanks for your question. My favourite truck is the Scania Streamline R730 aka THE BEASTets2_20201214_105700_00.thumb.jpg.cdc2013ce1d4603bf447bf00357f78cd.jpg

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Proud Driver of Global Cargo VTC

Interested in Buses, Coaches, Trucks and Cars. 

If you want to chat ,hit me up in DMs on Discord. I will be more than happy to chat with you.🙂🙃

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