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Interior can be added to vehicles

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Suggestion Name: Interior can be added to vehicles

Suggestion Description: TruckersMP is currently adding new vehicles every 14 days, but these vehicles do not have a special interior because they do not have enough time to add a special interior. But 80% of the players drive their trucks on the interior camera and this event makes the interior design important for the players. In my opinion, instead of adding 2 vehicles every 14 days, 2 vehicles with special interiors can be added every 2 months. In this way, vehicle diversity and usage rate can increase.

Why should it be added?: 80% of the players use their vehicles from the interior camera, and this event makes the interior important for the players, as well as increasing the variety of vehicles not only in appearance but also in interior and exterior appearance.


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The period for Alternating Vehicles has been changed from 14 days to 28 days (4 weeks). The current set of vehicles will be on the servers for twice as long as before.


Also, regarding custom interiors, this is definitely something that the Add-On Team / Management want to work on as they know that people use this camera the most. However, 2 months would still not be enough to make a whole new interior. I will move this suggestion to Open for Discussion. There are potential things in the works, however I cannot guarantee anything will come soon. The AOT are working very hard on other projects at the moment.


// Moved to OfD

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I like the idea of new interiors, but they wouldn't have enough time especially once every 4 weeks. Maybe if they make 4 or 5 different interiors like one for cars one for trucks one for vans and one for other. This way they wouldn't have to make a new one every-time just use a different style. 

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interior can be added but also have a problem , as far as i know, about car interior contain copy right issues , this game made for truck , if any game run for officially the always  focus on the legit things, so i think its really difficult to set a different interior for car ,, copy right matter sometimes 


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