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Hello dear @winko999


Firstly, welcome to TruckersMP Forums (Help Section)


Lets try to solve your problem

- Firstly I have to inform you, if you have saved your profile to Steam cloud, I highly recommend to save this folder to your desktop(or some special folder called deposit), because when the servers will be have a problems, the profile from Steam cloud can dissapear, it happened to my friend. 


Anyway, you can try this solution:


Navigate to Folder: \ Users \ thiag \ Documents \ American Truck Simulator \ profiles ( .bak


Copy the Folder from your Profiles and paste it in the directory \ Users \ thiag \ Documents \ American Truck Simulator \ profiles


After doing this go into SinglePlayer mode and see if your Profile works in the Previous version.


If it did not work, you have to create another one, and start by level 0. 


You can also download some mods for money and XP levels aswell, if you dont want to do all progress again.



Do not forget to let us know if the procedure worked!



Good Luck!




HR Staff of GB I Player of TruckersMP Community

RedWolf_Plays I TruckersMP

(ETS2 - 5,685 hours)



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Hello there,

It has been 3 days since the last reply on this thread.

Because of this inactivity, this thread will be moved to Inactive Topics.

If you do have any queries, please Direct Message me or another Support Team member and we will open this topic as per your request - within a period of 7 days.


Thanks to all for your participation!




TruckersMP Trial Support


// Locked and Moved to Inactive Topics

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Hello there, 

As this topic has remained inactive for a further seven days, it will be relocated to Unsolved

Should you require additional support, please do not hesitate to create another topic, take a look at our Knowledge Base, or contact us through a Support Ticket!

-> Create a Support Ticket: https://truckersmp.com/support/ticket/create 
-> Knowledge Base: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base



Kind Regards,


Jamie R
Support Team


//Moved to Unsolved. 

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