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What kind of music do you listen to when you run Euro Truck Simulator 2?


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When I listen to music when playing ETS2 (I don't always listen to music when playing), I listen to electronic music from artists like ILLENIUM, Excision, Said The Sky and more

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I usually listen to radio phenomenon. 🙂 

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I listen to various different types of music that I have on my Spotify account however sometimes I listen to TruckersFM or Simulator Radio


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Hey there !


When i'm streaming, i listen to TruckersFM.


Else i usually listen to spotify and a french radio named SkyRock the evening.


Have a nice day and happy trucking !


Kind Regards.



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Guest _VAS_

I occasionally listen to truckersfm. But for the most part, my yt music supermix will be on shuffle. Another reason for not joining VC:kappa:

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I usually listen to German or Serbian music on Spotify. I sometimes listen to foreign stations on ETS but a lot of times there really isn't much foreign music (I prefer music if it's in another language besides English when I'm driving). What I listen to is pretty good for my 2 or sometimes 3 hour long jobs I do on ProMods.



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I listen to many types of songs in the game, but most of all I like to drive while listening to chill songs.

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Usually when I play ets2 I listen to my Spotify playlists. I love listening to classical music. 😉



Kind Regards,  


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