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Which map DLC do you like the most?


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Hello, @GodDirtman


My favourite map DLC is Iberia ❤️ Why? Because they are many nice places. Unfortunately there is a lot of highways but not too many district roads 🙂 For  better playing on Iberia DLC  I recommend download the ProMods.



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Hi. Thanks for your question.

My favorite DLC would be Road to Black sea but I mostly drive on Scandinavia which is also an amazing one.

Now a question from me to you.

What dlc do you like and where do you drive the most🙂?

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If you want to chat ,hit me up in DMs on Discord. I will be more than happy to chat with you.🙂🙃

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If I had to rank them, favorite to least favorite (I like them all), it would be


1. Road to the Black Sea, I love the backroads and the mountains, reminds me of home a bit sometimes.

2.Beyond the Baltic Sea, I drive there a lot, and I like the backroads and small towns there as well. For some reason I am also attracted to Eastern Europe as well.

3.Iberia, Nice scenery, but I wish there were either more backroads or less highway

4.Scandinavia, Nice scenery but I wish they went farther north (Luckily there's ProMods for that)

5.Tie between Vive le France or Italy, Both like all the others, have nice scenery and all but I wish there were less tolls. Also Italy would be a bit better with some more backroads I guess

6.Going East, It's nice and all, but it needs an update. Poland for example is a lot better on ProMods.

If I had to put the upcoming DLC, Heart of Russia, in this ranking, I would probably put it in the top 3 or 4 (this could change when it comes out of course). Like I said with Beyond the Baltic Sea, I like Eastern Europe, and it will probably have a good amount of backroads. I just wish they could've tried adding Belarus in it but that can be for another DLC (maybe even paired with Ukraine) 



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14 hours ago, Stefan22 said:

Now a question from me to you.

What dlc do you like and where do you drive the most🙂?

I really like Scandinavia, Beyond the Baltic Sea, and Road to the Black Sea. I agree with @AABattery, Going East is good, but it needs an update (it's completely different with ProMods though). I haven't tried the Iberia DLC yet, but for sure I will be there in a moment! 

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Guest Desert Vortex

I usually drive between Duisburg-Calais. My favorite DLC is Going East.

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I don't really have a favorite. But i can offer my list.

  • Iberia added a change of scenery with the desert.
  • Road to Baltic Sea & Black Sea. Haven't played then much to form an opinion.
  • Viva La France & Italia are both worth it for the views.
  • Going East, Scandinavia need an update (along with some base map areas).
  • Looking forward to Heart Of Russia and the remaining expansions that will complete the map.
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1 hour ago, [Chenxi/COO]*Sange said:

Maybe Promods

Promods is not a dlc.  But of course promods is great.



I like of course all dlc even Going East is so outdated  comparing to other dlcs is worse quality but still i like to drive there.    


Latelty I like Baltic states and Scandinavia the most.

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Scandinavia and Beyond the Baltic Sea.


Scandinavia has a great deal of tight roads and fantastic views, along with the helpful addition of automatic tollbooths. I also love the attention to detail, and the Scania and Volvo factories in Sweden. This DLC takes the cake.


I love the contrast of different countries in Beyond the Baltic Sea. I could be driving on a colossal highway in Russia, and a border crossing and a few dozen minutes later, I'm in Estonia navigating a single lane road, or in Latvia checking Riga out.

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My favorite DLC clearly is Iberia, because there are so many details. But I've heard from some players that they don't like Iberia, because it causes more lags than other DLCs.







My second favorite is Scandinavia, including Spitzbergen and Iceland. Driving through little riverbeds, over rocky and icy roads is just fun.




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