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how did you discovered ETS2?

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I was thinking, how did everyone discovered ETS2?

I personally discovered the game by a friend.
He had the game on disc, And i really liked the game.
So i started playing ETS2 in 2015.
And i still like the game and play it even more and more.

So so I'm curious,
how did you guys discovered the game?

greetings 🙂

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Hey @monsterbeast568


First of all, I would like to thank you for creating this topic 


I have discovered ETS2 / ATS by my fried,who asked me to join to his company. Then I discovered this simulation life. 

  • I have started play ETS in 2016

Now, I have been playing this game over +4 503 hours. 



RedWolf [CZ] 


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17 minutes ago, Fast-rider said:

Firstly, I played OMSI 2. then I looked what other Simulations (with a very high quality) are and came across ETS2. And now I got after some years over 3.000 hours played ETS2 

Love for Omsiiiiiii❤️

Hi. Thank you really much for the question. Really interesting one. 

I was playing the original ETS (Ets1) and then found out that there was a 2 out there and started playing it. I don't remember when I started playing ETS2 as I have a goldfish memory😄 but was pretty early in the days

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I got ATS in April 2018. I found ETS2 first and then saw they had a truck sim in America and I got that one instead. Then in July 2018 I decided to get ETS2, and I've gotten over 1300 hours on it since. 


I discovered TMP by watching Tony747's idiots on the road videos, and I downloaded TMP in October 2018.  Back then though I only played TMP like once or twice a year until around the end of March 2020, when I found my VTC that I am still in over a year later (if you don't count march of this year hehe). My VTC is what really got me into TMP and is why I still play today

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Hey! @monsterbeast568

More than 4 years ago, a group of friends found out about a game that was about trucks, and multiplayer, we did not know a lot about it, but we just buyed it and we started to play, It was a great bought.Today I have more than  930 hours on both games, The most part of this time played on TruckersMP.

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To be honest, I discovered the game myself in 2014. I saw it while browsing Steam and wanted to try it. I downloaded and tried the demo of the game and I liked it very much, it was one of the great simulation games of those years in my opinion. Then I bought the game.

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I forgot how I met the game, probably via YouTube videos. My dad bought me the disc in 2015, and in 2016 I got it on Steam 🙂


18 minutes ago, Captain Nivaro said:

I wanted to have a computer game for myself but my mom didn't wanted to spend that much money, so she bought be the odd game 'Euro Truck Simulator 2'. I was very mad but now I am so glad and so thankful for it! ❤️ 

Relatable moment xD 

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                                                               Kind regards,


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I was first exposed to truck sims and SCS games when I was little, with the 18WoS series and a game called "Bus Driver". I didn't really have a PC of my own back then, but we got one around the time ETS (the original) was a thing. It was the first game I torrented thanks to my uncle, as shameful and unethical as that is, but I spent my time playing NFS games and ETS.


I noticed ETS2 on YouTube at around 2013. NerdCubed, a channel that I watched, had uploaded a 1.5 hour video of him going across the base map. It simply captivated me and made me download the game (again, illegally).


It took me 4 years or so to get my own copy of ETS2 and join TMP, and now I'm here! TMP is another story, I was just too hyped for it after the same guy made a video on TMP 😛

Event Team @ Pries


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I found out about ETS2 through the Daggerwin YouTube channel. My Dad originally bought me the disk copy of both games (of which I still have) and I racked up a good many hours on it. Was only really about a year later that I bought it on Steam for easier updating and purchasing of DLC. 

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I don't know exactly when or how I discovered ETS. I'm fairly certain it came in my Steam recommended feed, and I fell for it with the images, reviews and text. I thought it looked interesting. What really caught my eye was the free demo of it. A demo gives me a chance to get myself a feel of the game without having to spend money and if I don't like it deal with a refund. I really fell in love with the demo, so after playing it for many hours I bought it.

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