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What position on the staff would you like to be?

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I think a lot of drivers would like to be a GM, and that's also a dream of mine. But I would have no problem with starting out as eg. Event Team or Translator.


In Prime is started out as a CC and worked my way up so I get that you can't always get the golden job from the start, also I think maybe the competition from GM is way higher then Event Team or Translator but I off course wouldn't know for sure.

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Guest Aras'

You're gonna have to make a lot of effort, and I hope you do mate.

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I would like to be a game moderator or a report moderator because,i think the Game Moderators need help with more GMs.

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I don't know if I would want to be a Game Moderator, part of the Addon Team, or Support Team!


I've got experience with them all from other games and places (and from almost all of SCS's games and other games aswell when it comes to the modding), and enjoy it all!

My Discord: --> P h o e n i x#3587 <--

Driving since 18 WOS: Haulin'! (2006)

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I'd like to be a Game Moderator 

DeniPEKSEN TruckersMP Driver





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I can be in any position on the team that I think I can do, but of course I would like to be on the Game Moderator team like everyone else:kappa:, but for now Community Moderator and Event Team looks good. :thisisfine:

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Cute Fast TruckersMP | Driver & Veteran II
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Kind Regards ^^

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I'd like to be a Discord Moderator within the Community Moderation team :troll:


Btw, nice signature @Cute Fast, seems pretty familiar huh? :kappa:

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DarkScream[TR] | Discord Moderator

TruckersMP - Staff

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