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Hot topic #37: TMP7 Celebrations!


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Hello everyone! Welcome to the 37th instalment of our Hot Topic.


As the TMP7 celebrations come to a close we wanted to see what your favourite moment from the weekend of events, as well as a the freeroam server, has been. 


We really appreciated everyone who celebrated alongside us and we hope that you had a lot of fun racing, knocking the cone and reversing around all those obstacles! 


So, what has been your highlight from TMP7? What will you look back on with fond memories?


Let us know below and maybe share a small birthday message for TruckersMP! 

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  • Owen. changed the title to Hot topic #37: TMP7 Celebrations!

This Was A Celebration In Which I Really Spent A Lot Of Time And Had A Lot Of Fun. My Favorite Moment in These Celebrations is Definitely the Moments I spent on the FreeRoam Server Because I Enjoyed It So Much. Thanks Again For Everything. 
Happy Birthday TruckersMP #TMP7


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Kind Regards,
Scanva Diesel A/S
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Guest 'Mehmet Şimşek

it was a really fun event

 Happy Birthday TruckersMP 


Kind Regards! 

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I have absolutely been loving it over the past 2 weeks during TMP's 7th Birthday.


My favourite part from the events was the Festival in London on ETS 2 where most of the TMP staff were there, on stage. It was a great way to kick off the 2 weeks of celebration which could not have gone any better.


My favourite part from the TMP7 Server was playing our own version of Cops vs Robbers with friends. It is something you obviously cannot do normally in TMP.


All in all, I've had great fun and I wish TMP a very happy 7th Birthday!

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Guest User_2146087

I really had a lot of fun during this event, driving the police vehicle was another joy.

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On 5/20/2021 at 10:46 PM, Ascension32 said:


out of everything in TMP7, nothing beats racing with the VTC fam at CRTZ!

This photo looks awesome! 



On 5/20/2021 at 12:09 PM, NaTY0u345 [FR] said:

Congratulations TruckersMP !! It was very amazing, and a lot of fun !

Silverstone race Circuit was perfect !! The best place for me !

Really glad you enjoyed the races, the obstacles were really fun!


5 hours ago, owen611624 said:

I liked the event and thought it was great fun!

Glad you had a nice time! 

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