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About Iveco  

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  1. 1. Do you like it?

  2. 2. Which one is better?

    • Stralis (old)
    • Stralis Hi-Way (new)
    • Both are good
    • Both are bad

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What is your opinion about this truck and why is it the least favourite truck in ETS2 community?


My personal opinion:

Iveco is the most underrated brand in the game.  Hi-way is better than the old one. It looks good and it is very enjoyable. I only have mixed feelings about their sounds.

The reason why they're the last favourite trucks in ETS2 community is mostly their low engine power. For me it doesn't matter if truck has high HP or low.

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I agree Iveco is underrated. In fact, you don't see a lot of Iveco drivers in ETS2 primarily because their garages are mostly located in DLC areas of the game.

I feel like Iveco deserves a new truck in the game. It would be nice to see the Iveco S-way join ETS2. It looks really nice as a truck and I'm sure people would love to try it out.

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Hey dear @Unnamed_User


Firstly, thank you for creating this topic! 


In my opinion I like both versions of the Iveco Trucks. They are good for driving, maybe Iveco could have problems with heavy cargos, but it's still great!  


Iveco would deserve new tunning pack DLC! 


Kind Regards,




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Actually, I like the interior design a little bit.The lighter color looks good.

It looks so beautiful when the sun hits, But I can not say that I love the look of the truck. :tmp:



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I think both trucks are nice. But they do need an overhaul regarding textures (mostly interior) and stuff. Tuning pack would be nice too. One thing I dislike is low engine power, but I save edit 730 or 750 hp engines in it anyway making it enjoyable.

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Iveco trucks are after the Renault Magnum the ugliest, the interior and exterior look so bad

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While my favorite truck is the Daf XF105, Iveco is my favorite joke truck. I like to put volvo engines in them and then it's so fast and no one expects it :troll: 


I also used to go to convoys on sim 2 with my Iveco with the volvo engine and I would bring a triple trailer but it's been a while since I have.


Ivecos were also my first main truck when I played on Singleplayer so they still have a spot in my heart.


I hope to be on the TMP team some day

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I like the Iveco hi way, but I've been driving it lately. Indeed, the brand in the game is undervalued and you can rarely meet them on the road. I like the interior and exterior, but I don't like the onboard coputer. Also, I do not care at all whether the truck has a big opportunity or not, if I like the truck, then I will drive it.

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Hello there,


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