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ATS Team 4th Anniversary Celebration

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Guest [Flag star]ˇ002-nanxi_TMP

ATS Team 4th Anniversary Celebration



Activity information


The event server starts:10:00(UTC)

Start shipping:12:30(UTC)

The event server is down:15:00(UTC)

The event server :ATS Team 4th Anniversary Celebration



starting point:Mannheim Mine

terminal:Port of Calais

Alternate server:Arcade

road map:



ATSConvoy 2021/6/6车队周年庆庆祝ATS车队成立4周年官方庆典活动,参加主要目的为了壮大目前参加活动内的车队,请各位大佬坐等6.6号,在家里吹着空调,听着音乐,我们一起开心的过ATS车队丶周年,如今的车队队长小宇,已经成年了,还记得队长小宇挖墙脚被干的时候么,那时候的他有人反感,现在的他,如花似貌,加油吧小宇,一起度过4周年后的每一天,参加的各大车队有RK VTC龙珠车队ATS车队DS车队星火车队胜纳车队暖阳车队Cupid车队,(排名不分先后)奖品:天猫精灵,最后祝福各大车队一路长虹,前程似锦,ATS车队永远成立!
================================ ==========================================

A.T.SConvoy 2021/6/6 Team Anniversary Celebrating the 4th Anniversary of the A.T.S. Team Official celebrations, participation in the main purpose In order to expand the current participation in the event of the team, please wait for the big guys to wait for the 6.6, at home blowing air conditioning, listening to music, we have fun together A.T.S. team, anniversary, today's team leader Xiaoyu, has grown up, remember the captain Xiaoyu dug the wall when the wall was dry Is he repugnant at that time, now he, such as flowers, refueling, Xiaoyu, together after 4 years of every day, to participate in the major teams have RK VTC Dragon Ball Team A.T.S. Team DS Team DS Team Seiner Team Warm-Up Team Cupid Team, (ranked in no particular order) Prize: Tmall Elf, finally bless the major teams all the way changhong, the future like a jin, A.



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