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Link to Patreon ?



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Hello @[FR] FM Services


First of all, welcome to TruckersMP Forum


We do not have a correct answer as this type of error is part of the Patreon website.

I can guide you as follows:


1-) try to unlink the account and then relink, follow this steps again calmly;


2-) Link your Discord account to your Patreon account in App Integrations;

3-) Select the tier you are interested in;

4-) Link your TruckersMP account with Patreon by heading over to your profile settings while under the Profile & Connections tab;


4-) The website, forum, Discord guild, and game client will automatically update with your rewards immediately.


Please, wait a few minutes and see if it resolves






                                                                                                                                                     Be positive that everything will be fine, even in the worst moments!


                                                                                                                                       mud.png    1531540532_role_5Patron(4).png.063edcf85




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Hello @[FR] FM Services


Has your problem been solved with the solution given above by AzBrazilSP?

The confirmation of the status of your problem helps us always keep our forum organized. 


I await your return.


Kind regards, 


TruckersMP Support

SarahMaddy TruckersMP Veteran Driver II

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Hello there 🙂 


As i can see, you currently have an active 'Master Trucker' Patreon membership on your TruckersMP account, I am assuming, that your issue has been solved 🙂 

Thank you for your Patreon support, and please do not hesitate to create another Topic, in case another issue occurs!


TruckersMP - Support 

//Locked and moved to Solved Topics.


TruckersMP - Support Team


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