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Project: ALM | Automatically Install Interior Mods In TruckersMP

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Part 1: Changing Save Format

Head to your Euro Truck Simulator 2 Documents Folder

Open "config.cfg" in notepad/notepad++

Edit the line "g_save_format" and make sure the value is "2"

After this is done, head into game and make a save





Part 2: Download The Mod + Program

Join The Insanux Discord Server: https://discord.gg/JCh9qj2

Look in the Category of "Project: ALM" and download a mod you want to use and extract the folder anywhere you like


Head to the #Updates channel and download The Most Recent version of Project: ALM (Always the most recent post)



Part 3: Using the Program

Open Project: ALM.exe

Head to the "add mod" section

Select "Open Game SII" and select the game.sii of the save you just made
> Euro Truck Simulator 2 > profiles > XXXXXXXXXXXXX > save > X > game.sii


After, click on "Choose Mod Folder" and select the mod folder you extracted in the previous step.


Once both steps above are done, Click on "Add Mod". The mod should be added successfully and you can load your save in TruckersMP





Part 4: Results

Open TruckersMP and load the save you used with the program

Your mod is now loaded in TruckersMP, If you want to add more mods, Do the same process From Step 2




Video Tutorial


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