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1.40 Support Released!


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13 hours ago, Titanic4 said:

As long as the non collision zone stays in Duisburg, I'm fine with the change. I'm sure that if the non collision zone is removed from Duisburg streets at that point, there would be chaos again near service area, affecting the nearby 1 lane street. ?


This No Collision Zone in Duisburg will remain for the foreseeable future.


12 hours ago, Gman95 said:

Why do the TMP devs not work in tandem with SCS devs? It'd be a more seamless transition between versions. I thought SCS and TMP were tight.


This is not possible. We must wait until SCS Software releases the full update. Otherwise, we would be wasting time porting the multiplayer client to code that is guaranteed to change during the active development of the update. When the update is complete, we know the code is solid and we can port our multiplayer to the stable build. If we did port multiplayer during the active development, we would have to start from the beginning of the porting process when a new build is created.

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6 hours ago, Denis(123rus) said:

will there still be development of cities in Italy, France, Poland, Scandinavia and other cities, and how soon will it be for Russia?


This is a question for SCS Software! We do not develop the map DLCs. ? 

2 hours ago, Actens[TR] said:

Will the 110 speed limit be lifted with future updates?


Hello, we do not intend to remove the speed limit.

1 hour ago, [TDOO]OttO said:


this error do i get then i have installed the mod and start ut for the first time, and i have both ATS and ETS 2 installed 


Hello, please refer to this KB article: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/917

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There is a possible problem with all ferry ports in Spain - located in Barcelona, València, Bilbao and Santander.

The non-collision zones only include the ferry itself, where you can safely depart, but when you arrive to any of these ports, you will spawn outside of non-collision zone, right on the road.

You will then have the usual 20 seconds of ghost mode to react, which will be shortened by any loading time your system may require, so act quickly.

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As always you've done an amazing job and we all thank you but, myself and a few of my friends don't seem to have the middle east add on for promods in tmp, we have it on single player but it's just not there! Is this a new issue for just a select few or something being worked on?

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