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DLC problems



I have a problem with my DLCs. I bought the Viva La France and the  Italia dlc on steam. In sinleplayer these DLCs work but in TruckersMP  don't. I can connect to the Simulation servers but this  two DLCs are not show the roads and the cities. All of my DLCs are ticked on Steam. I hope someone can help me solve this problem. 

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You need to activate your DLC's. 
This can be done by doing the following:

Go to your TruckersMP Profile > Settings > Linked Games/DLC > Then press on Check DLC
-> https://truckersmp.com/profile/settings

However, be sure to have your Steam Privacy Settings on public, otherwise the process won't work. 

Luckily, there is also a knowledge-base article which is very helpful. I recommend checking it out. 
-> https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/139

That being said, I hope I could help you answer your question. 
Kindest regards, 

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Hey there! @Bandreeshh


Please be sure, you have checked your new DLC  here - (Go to your TruckersMP profile( https://truckersmp.com/profile/settings) - Linked Games/DLC as the picture shows above and click "Check Games". Make sure your Steam profile in privacy settings is public as it's stated here(https://i.imgur.com/mgxivCI.png) --- Make sure , your steam is in public) 



  1. When you buy a new DLC you must always link it to your TruckersMP profile.
  2. You can do that by going to your profile settings here and click on "Check DLC" button. 



If for some reason the DLC is not getting detected, for example Baltic DLC, you need to go to your installation folder. eg C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2 and find the specific or any other DLC which you are experience the problem. For our example is Baltic DLC, delete dlc_balt.scs file and also delete the bin folder, go to Steam after and verify your game files, launch multiplayer again and it should work. 


If it doesn't verify the DLC and you've checked the servers, there might be something else wrong with your account or the systems in general.

In this case, I'd heavily consider contacting support in order to see if they're able to diagnose the issue.



Also, please read this topic: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/139 


Hope, my asnwer is helpful for ya


Kindest Regards,


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Hello Dear @Bandreeshh

Yet another solution that came to my mind is verifying the integrity of your game files.


Basically, you have to go to Steam - Library - Right click on Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Properties - Local data - verify integrity.


Wait until the game files are verifyed and try whether the error still occurs

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Hello there,


Did you get the answer you were looking for with the answers given above?
Your confirmation of the status of your issue/question helps us keep the forum always organized!


Kind Regards,


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Hello there , 


1) Steam> library> ETS2 Right click> there will be a DLC section under my collection wings. Click. > make sure all boxes are marked.


2 ) I forgot to add, I'm adding by editing. In> Run ETS2> Profile selection, there is a "DLC" section at the bottom. > click there and select the DLC you want to use 


Sorry for my English, I am not trying to improve my exemplary English, I am trying to improve my Spanish.


I hope it helped.


Edited by Climperxs
The second option

Kind regards,

By Climperxs

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Hello @Bandreeshh

Your topic has been inactive for 3 days since the last reply.

Because of inactivity, I will have to move this topic to Inactive Topics.

If you have any further queries, feel free to DM me or another Support Team member and we will open this topic as per your request.

You have 1 week to contact us.

I hope you understand. 

Thanks to all participation. 

Kind Regards,
TruckersMP - Support

//Locked and Moved to Inactive

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