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30 Report Limit

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Hey Guys,

As you know, our report limit is maximum 30, but this limit is not enough for us players.There are too many trolls in the game.


We want this limit to be increased if possible. If you agree with this opinion, you can write +1 on the comment. 

I wish you good games. 💓


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  • Community Manager

Hello Lena,


Thank you for taking your time into submitting this suggestion to us.

I have reviewed your suggestion and I've come to the conclusion that we won't be changing the report limit.

This is because this has been changed for several reasons. 


The amount of reports we are receiving is immense and the response time we give back on reports does also increase if we were to increase the report limit for users.

Currently rule §1.4 explains us that report evidence can not be any older than 14 days and increasing the report limit would mean that it could be the case that we will have to decline reports simply because the report evidence violates rule §1.4, and that is not something we want.  

I understand that it can be frustrating that you don't have any more space to report someone but sadly this is for us the only way to solve it.  


Also please make sure to use the suggestion format next time you're submitting a suggestion to us.

Check it out here: 



Kind regards,

Schak Bruijn

TruckersMP Community Manager


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Schak Bruijn

Community Manager

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