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Role based Special Transports in MP


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Suggestion Name: Role Based special transport

Suggestion Description: A role that can be gained by applying on the TruckersMP website that will allow approved players to take special Transport Jobs. Just like how certain vehicles are "role" restricted. Apply this same method to certain special transport jobs. 
Only players who have applied for the role with significant evidence of competency with these loads can gain the role. (This would be strictly moderated)

Any example images?: None

Why should it be added: This will create a more diverse world for players to be a part of and give players something to strive for. 
Having special transports in the MP world greatly increase players motivation to work towards something attainable in the TMP community.

Also, this could really put the pilot car assets to great use.

I hope you consider this request and I'm sure many would love to see this feature added including me.


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  • Community Manager



Thank you for taking your time into submitting your suggestion to us.  

I have reviewed your suggestion but sadly I've come to the conclusion that, although it's a great idea, it's simply not something we could implement into TruckersMP.  

There are several issues that would occur with this suggestion. 


Firstly, we don't have enough time and manpower to create a system like this and check all the applications that we receive on it.  

If we would "open the recruitment" for something like this, I can assure you we would get overloaded within days and that would cause everything to get delayed. This is because we have internal guidelines that we have to follow regarding applications and GDPR. It would simply not be possible for us.


We also cannot create a new usergroup that would also be visible in the "Position history" on the website and mix that position with other groups. This would mean that for example Patreon's and staff members cannot apply for this specific role as we don't have secondary roles.


Because of this reason will I be declining your suggestion.  

Kind regards,

Schak Bruijn

TruckersMP Community Manager


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Schak Bruijn

Community Manager

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Views expressed are my own and do not represent anyone else.

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