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What do you listen when you drive?

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Hello everyone!


Here, you can share what you listen when you drive.

No matter wether be at ETS2 or ATS or in real life driving.

It is also possible to share a song for night driving and daytime driving 🙂


Let me start.


In ETS2, I listen to Enya or Evanescence at night driving. For daytime driving I mostly listen to slowed chillstep, for example; Urban Lullaby - Jimmy Fontanez / Doug Maxwellcøzybøy etc.

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Hello , 


I usually listen to chill songs 

(These songs are so beautiful when there is traffic )


My favorites ; 







                                                                    Language Turkish , English  ,  A little German


                                                                                       Steam       |       TruckersMP       |         Twitch          


                                                                                             Drive Safe   


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I guess in the evening more chilled stuff for driving but usually i listen to the best rock group there is . LP mainly when driving nothing better but it can depend on mood & time of day .

I tend to keep away from the radio I used to listen to radio all the time but it just got so repetitive with the songs that were chosen. I do on occasions put the in game radio on 🙂 

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It varies a lot. Back in the days I almost always was listening to TFM. But no a days it can be TFM, TSR, Spotify or I just enjoy talking in VC on Discord. When I listen to Spotify I mostly listen to my custom playlist. But to explain what kinda music that is would be pretty tricky cause I don't think I have any special taste in music. Normally I hear a song on radio either in-game or IRL and if I really like it I just add it to my playlist and listen to it almost all the time until a couple of new songs gets added and they become the songs I listen to all the time.

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When I drive, I usually listen TruckersFM or Radio Kiss 

Sometimes some music from spotify)


Never without musics ❤️



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Hello everyone, I usually listen to classic music, I know it is not the best (because most people that I know does not appreciate these masterpieces and look at me like "ehhh what is that????") and not a very famous genre nowadays especially for my generation, but I really like it.

I listen to tschaikovsky (sorry russians for spelling that incorrect), Brahms( Ungarian dances) and sometimes when I´m on the C-D Road, I listen to Eurobeat like Ace Nouage etc. (so that my reaction are ready in emergency situation). Otherwise I listen also Pop but only Aviici.

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