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How do you play?



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  1. 1. Which camera do you play with?

    • first person
    • third person
    • Both

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I personally use the first person view for driving, and sometimes I go into third person for reversing. Especially when I'm on TMP and don't want to embarrass myself 😆
Also, I occasionally use the free cam mode in both SP and MP to see what's going on around me. This is also very useful during events. 🚚

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I mostly use 1st person when driving. I think the only time I'm not using it, is if I eg. have to make a turn in a narrow road, then I sometimes uses the camera-view that place out on-top looking down on your truck and trailer. This is usually if there is other drivers around and I want to make sure that I stay in my own lane while turning. I also use the same camera when I'm reversing with my trailer to pick up or deliver my cargo. When I'm conducting Driving Exams within my VTC I use 3rd person because I feel that the view-angle can sometimes limit me if I use 1st person, and I can't see the drivers truck and trailer as clearly when they're turning right or left. I also you the 3rd person, if I spot something going on in my mirror and I want to have a better look what's going on behind me.

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For me personally it has to be First person all the time, I don't get the feel for the game if I am driving in third person. Like the above comment says I use third person to reverse sometimes.

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