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14 hours ago, hjvg said:

hmm tmp was downloading a update for ets and ats  but no patch notes here yet
(also no support of 1.40) but wat was changed?

I don't think anything was publicly changed, however they added a GWEN license text file (A GUI toolkit made by Garry Newman, it's an abandoned project left open on GitHub, but that certainly doesn't make it bad), and there's a couple .gwen files in some of the TruckersMP files. (%ProgramData%/TruckersMP/) The two files just appear to be default files that come with the toolkit.


Maybe we'll be seeing a GUI rework on TruckersMP, or maybe it's for internal (staff only) tools, or just being tested. Maybe it wasn't even meant to be pushed in an update.

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For people who don't have much idea of how the game's multiplayer is made, I will explain briefly and the team will correct me if I have written something wrong.

I will try to explain it in the simplest possible way.

There is such a thing as reverse engineering.
Imagine that the @mwl4 hears a high-pitched sound on the path motor there is no option to change this high-pitched motor sound.
Then mwl4 opens the program (executable file responsible for opening the game and executing all the features) then through reverse engineering mwl4 opens this file in a tool called IDA PRO that is responsible for taking the file and converting it into a language machine that we can call assembly.

Mwl4 has to find out between hundreds of millions of lines of code where the instruction that makes the high-end engine work is left and then after hours, days and many sleepless nights, it discovers and creates a program that injects an instruction modified by over the original game instruction by changing the sound from high to low.

You have no idea, I think most do not know how complex it is to reverse engineer a program. Imagine that every time a new version of the game comes up, mwl4 has to discover the news and addresses within those hundreds of thousands of lines of code all over again and extract these new instructions in the multiplayer project and he needs to do that at the same time before that it works in sync.

Be patient and support this @mwl4(I don't know the other developer) because this guy has a lot of hard work to provide gameplay for everyone.

Thanks and good luck to the team


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