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          Yesterday, an hour ago, a minute ago, right now, someone is suffering from depression. There is no shame in being in that situation. Creating this topic just to say that you are not alone. You are important to someone! Do not forget that!

          It is not only because the person is in depression that he will stop smiling. About this, do not forget to ask your friend how he is, if everything is fine with his family, make him realize that he is important in your life. Above all, respect him.


          I wish you all a great day and a great game!

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We all are human, we all do the same things in life, and we all make mistakes; it doesn't matter what kind of mistake it is, but as they say, "a mistake is a mistake". Well, most of us, humans, think that making a mistake is a bad thing, but the real thing is, it isn't. I mean that even if you made a mistake, you could benefit from it and take a lesson. Mistakes are beneficial in entire life if used in the right way. 

As an advice, don't do like the stone heads on TV and news that hurt themselves or get depression over some useless things such as no girlfriend or making a mistake. Once you make a mistake, you can't just go back in time and fix it. Just do your future-self a favor and take experience from that, do your best to take a lesson and give minds to others such as your friends if they're in depression, maybe you will cause a change in someone's life and find new friends.

Time is the cure of everything; live the moment, use the past and think the future.



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Hello there,


Since your topic has been inactive for over fourteen (14) days, I will move it to our Archive section. 
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If you have any questions, feel free to DM me. 


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